Young Guns

The “Young Guns” Come to Lovetts Gallery

Young Guns, the next national exhibition from Lovetts Gallery, opens February 7, 2015, and features the work of Timur Akhriev, Joseph Crone, Jane Radstrom and David Shingler. “This is not a Western Show”

All four artists are around 30 years of age and have appeared on numerous national lists. All four have incendiary talent and are going to have long, distinguished careers.

Akhriev grew up in Russia where he began painting when he was 10, and often painted as much as eight or 10 hours a day. He continued his art education in the United States and Europe, and now splits time between his home in Tennessee and wherever calls to him. His style is a blend of traditional and contemporary, he’s not afraid to experiment, and paints in all genres of work.

Crone, though young, is already a master of his craft. He builds cinematic worlds reminiscent of Chinatown, complete with plots and sultry femme fatales. He creates these scenes with a substrate made for colored pencils and graphite, and achieves effects difficult to replicate with paints.

Radstrom, a self-described realist, takes a painting education founded in Renaissance and traditional techniques, and applies a modern sensibility. She’s inspired by photographers and the manipulation of exposures, and uses that and a thoughtful application of pastels and mixed media to create real and unreal vignettes.

Shingler uses his palette knife to carve stunning impressionistic landscapes. He didn’t set out to be a painter. He studied sculpture and glassblowing, and creates kinetic machines that respond to natural forces. But when he decided to devote all his time and energy into art, he plunged into oil painting. Shingler’s vistas suggest an energy and vitality that makes them seem real.

Lovetts has a movie title theme running with its shows for 2015, and there’s a reason behind that. Movies are pop-cultural events, and we believe an art opening should have the same kind of fanfare.

In addition to Young Guns, we have two other movie-inspired shows in 2015. June 20, we open our invitational miniatures exhibition, The Lollipop Guild, which features more than 80 artists from all over the world. October 23, Lovetts Gallery hosts The Birds, featuring works inspired by the classic Hitchcock film in addition to striking portrayals of our avian neighbors.


It’s all about the lighting. And no, I’m not talking about the rampant proliferation of holiday lights on the homes and businesses of Tulsa.

(We actually had a brief conversation about syncing up the LED lights in the gallery’s front windows to some Slipknot, but decided against it.)

I’m talking about art lighting. The proper lighting can make or break a piece of art.

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Lovetts 2015 Upcoming Shows

• June 20, 2015: The Lollipop Guild This is the Lovetts Gallery miniatures show, and we have artists lined up from all over the place, including many you've never seen in Oklahoma before. We are super excited about it, and you should be, too.

• October 24, 2015: The Birds Invitational. Hitchcock. Wildlife. Bam!