Watercolor is probably the most satisfying of all mediums. Although difficult in the beginning, after practice, its mysteries will unfold, providing the utmost pleasure for the dedicated.

Australian artist, Robert Lovett

No doubt, Magnolia, Texas watercolor artist Robbie Fitzpatrick agrees, as she presents this quote on her own artists’ biography.

Robbie has a prolific background in writing. For most of her life she has been led by an affection for the art of language as a writer and a teacher of writing. She understands the importance of this tool of communication for speaking.

For the majority of Fitzpatrick’s years, she considered herself a writer. She had the desire to draw, the wish to draw, the love to draw. But writing always won out.

In her time at middle school, it was a situation of being homebound during a hurricane that stirred up a gust of inspiration into drawing for Robbie for the next several years. The road her life was taking wasn’t a straight line, a one way only. No, the shape of her street of life would be as creative as she is, developing and making new avenues.

After achieving her B.A, M.A., and Ph.D, and then retiring from her college teaching career she navigated into the art world through the venue of pottery. “Something about wet mud was mesmerizing to me, but so was the enjoyment of painting on greenware and waiting for the pictures to emerge from the kiln.”

But….she pondered.

Along her journey, the seeds of drawing that had been previously planted, were starting to grow ever more. Next came a torrent of pencil drawings. The aftermath of that creative storm left Robbie not running for secure cover but wanting to run into the eye of the storm. Color! She loves color!

So an artistic union was made from Robbie’s two loves. Drawing and color. She wed watercolor pigment and the simplicity of black and white together. A perfect match! The perfect bridal bouquet! Having studied at the Watercolor Art Society-Houston, Robbie discovered she had a deep pleasure for detail and life in Realism. But, I would say Robbie has always had that pleasure for detail and life in Realism in her life. In her desire to write and in her desire for art. It being one art form leading to a different one. Maybe not changing directions as one might think, but traveling a diverse continuum. From writing paper to watercolor paper Robbie continues to speak. To communicate and share her narrative. Transparent and beautiful. She chooses to paint landscapes, animals, still lifes and portraits.

In her words…”I love both the creation and sharing of art, so it makes sense to me that my artistic goal is to communicate a message—emotional, reminiscent, inspiring, or amusing—with each piece. Though watercolor can be a frustrating medium to work with, I love the transparency, the colors, the emotion, and the “life” I can achieve with it. I must admit that being a problem-solver, I enjoy the challenges!”

Robbie continues to be a learner and an adventurer. She braves the storms of life to lead her to paths of roses. What a journey!