Lovett’s does love connections!

A bit of matchmaking if you will.

Connecting a collector with an object of their passion is pretty exciting for us. We have even witnessed a few person to person love connections here at the Gallery too! (Although we don’t officially offer that under “our services”). With a quick check of atmospheric conditions here, we have found love is in the air! It’s also on every wall, shelf, pedestal and tucked in each glass case.

Come fall in love at Lovett’s Gallery and don’t limit yourself to just February.

It’s this way all year long!

Allow me to take you on a couple of short dates with two artists you are sure to adore.

Our first takes place on an intimate carnival cruise. (Not the seaworthy type!). But afoot, on land, the traveling enterprises that consist of such amusements as sideshows, games of chance and sleight of hand.

Hailing from British Columbia, let me introduce you to our “Master of Ceremonies”, artist Johann Wessels. After many years of cultivating his love of art, through fine art, printmaking, drawing, art history and also teaching these subjects as well at University, he worked in the film and television business as an artist too.

He now settles his focus and attention on freelance illustration and fine art.

The results of this blissful union is quite an eye-opener.

Mixed Media……an understatement.

A symbiotic relationship….absolutely!

Johann lightly whispers in my ear, “There was that antique cast iron etching press that was left behind when we moved from South Africa.”

It’s alright Johann, as we’ve all experienced a lost love. That’s the past, let’s continue on.

With our ticket in hand, Mr. Wessels warns us that “he does not want to create comfortable art.” He will have you thinking “outside the box” figuratively and literally with his highly creative piece “Slideshow”. (In the Gallery at present).

Johann explains “Slideshow” as the result of his interest in traveling theater, where a trunk full of stage sets were carted around the rural countryside to bring culture to the outlying towns. The idea of a production appearing from a container is an exciting idea! Rather like a magic trick!

The subject matter of his work is a view of his world taken from his childhood, where his father was a photographer and his mother a ballet dancer. Wessels adds, “I would occasionally find my father photographing nude ballet dancers against an unrolled sheet of blue paper in our living room, an impromptu studio. I didn’t realize that this wasn’t normal until I got to high school ! For me, the ordinary things like teacups and nudes existed in the same reality. A dancer would be having tea in the kitchen or scrubbing gold body paint off in the bathroom. From old slide photos taken by my father, I still have the exact visual moments from years ago. These images, as recorded by camera and my memory are all together in this box.

An exhibition that is ready to travel.

A time capsule.Thank you Mr. Wessels for showing us a peek at who you are, what you do and why you do it.

Won’t you make a date to see “Slideshow”? You will not be disappointed. We are awaiting several new arrivals of Johann’s work as of this printing.

Welcome to the Imagination

Our second date is with artist Alexandra Manukyan. She was born and raised in Armenia, attendant in many schools of art – youth through Fine Art College, culminating in a major in teaching in fine arts at University. After she and her family immigrated to the U.S. in 1990, she continued on to study fashion and graphic design extensively and worked in these industries and freelancing as well.

There….with introductions done, let us proceed with our free pass to enter Alexandra’s theater on love.

A word of caution…. purely my own opinion, but ….like Wessels, one may say Manukyan doesn’t create art to be comfortable either. Yet….I’m kinetically drawn to every image, every word, while feeling a most uncanny comfort because of the raw honesty and truth to what she portrays.

Oh! The curtain is pulling away to reveal Alexandra’s mastery at taking us from dark to enlightenment.

The stage is set as she combines dramatic realism, renaissance, surrealism, contemporary and cultural elements through the vibrant medium of oils and layered glazes.

Via rich symbolism, she depicts the psychological condition of her characters. For instance, one of the symbols she employs is masks. She tells us they and the accompanying identities we all assume, depending on the life roles we play, obstructs the conscious mind from acknowledging what truly unites us through isolation and chaos: our shared encounters of pain, loss, desire and longing for serenity and acceptance.

“What’s your mask?”

“Hey… who said that?”……it must have been my imagination!

Anyway…. Where were we?


Yes, the false facades Manukyan explains, we all manufacture to adapt and belong also renders most blind and lost in a world where the meaningless has somehow become meaningful and the idea of a shared honest self, devoid of hidden agendas all too infrequent.

Powerful are her concepts and intensely and gracefully executed are her paintings. Alexandra is an artist who knows who she is and where she is going from start to finish.

Curtain closes. The heart opens. Experience her work. “First Date”? “Queen of Sorrow”? Perhaps “A Rebel Romance” or “Breathe Again”. Many more to see. AH! Love at first sight! Thank you Alexandra!

At Lovett’s Gallery, we do love these artists and their work and we think you will too!

Welcome to the Imagination!