“Unexpected intrusions of beauty. This is what life is.”

Saul Bellow


At Lovetts Gallery, we always invite you to expect the unexpected intrusions of beauty through art!

Today, I’m happy to introduce you to three new artists in our gallery…..their gallery…..your gallery! They each bring something special to the work table and the canvas, and something special to your room or wall. For those of you who may not already know them, here’s the scoop!

Artist Joseph Breza, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, creates his own language in color. He considers color to be the foremost component of his paintings. He takes the approach of laying down large fields of oil paint and then flattening them out in some areas giving his work texture and dimension, drawing out strong planes of color from the image. An artist who is always experimenting, he sometimes lays down thin washes to capture the power of the idea more quickly. “I like to observe the reflections on a pond in the Spring and Fall. Winter interests me because the snow creates big, abstract areas. The more I get into the art, the more depth I find. The simplest idea, like Cezanne’s apples, is sometimes the most incredible.

Breza’s collaborative vision and colorful voice is an overlapping, a collage if you will, of art experiences he has had from his times in Europe, the scenery and nature of New Mexico, and his appreciation and the influences of classical impressionists like Monet and Renoir. Joseph combines his keen eye and talent the same as he connects what he sees with what he feels. Then he “knows”! Now you “know”!


Taylor Kubicek is an artist who executes his work primarily in oils. His Contemporary Realist style lends itself to contemplative symbolism. By exploring the subtle emotional qualities of familiar objects. His figurative works often reflect common archetypes found in life. Taylor creatively portrays technology mixed with common objects that many of us identify with. The objects he paints are iconic and some include people with them as well. It is interesting how he positions his figures with these items from the past and creates his narratives. His skill with lighting gives his piece’s mood and atmosphere.

Taylor is a family man and has been and is a civically minded and involved artist in his community of Joplin, Missouri. We are excited to have Taylor on board as a part of our community at Lovetts Gallery.


From Portland, Oregon, sculpture artist Richard Moore III works to find the perfect balance of classic sculpture, blended with a modern twist to create a unique and seamless style of his own. And he definitely has accomplished his goal! The size of his pieces range from being from quite small to a grand scale. Richard got his initial schooling in painting, but soon realized that his talent and ideas were far more compatible with sculpture. Entirely self-taught doing his clay and wax models and with some appreciated tips along his journey, he learned the technical applications such as welding, mold making and pouring bronze. Although his background and training was painting which he has since abandoned in favor of 3-dimensional work, he does however still draw fairly regularly. Richard confesses his art life is pretty basic and almost boring really. Sculpting, as well as drawing, are very time consuming and solitary, so the majority of my time is spent in my studio……which is what I call my basement these days.

Sounds like a man-cave with an artistic twist to me, Richard! Tee-hee!

Usually he just goes by Rick.

He says, “My family however, still seems to think it’s appropriate to call me “Ricky”, despite the fact I’m 43 (or older, depending on when you read this)”. He has had his first child…….” which is so strange…. being set in my ways as I’ve become. (This alien creature invading my space…. it’s a good thing he is so adorable!) Since I spend the majority of my time being OCD with clay, I’d never really considered having any kidettes as a viable option until recently I guess.

No worries Rick! Kids are a lot like clay…..a creative process! It’s great to see your sense of humor……it will come in handy! LOL

Speaking of handy….you have got to see the imagination at work in Richard Moore III piece “Octohandy”! He says “since there’s almost nothing creepier than the cold dead stare of a Cephalopod. I thought I’d try to up the ante by adding some human hands.” This is a beautiful piece. The patina on the bronze is striking, the detail all over is intense, the poise----perfect. The only thing creepy, would be the missed opportunity seeing this bronze for yourself!

We will be getting more provocative bronze work in of his quite soon. As for the human form, he tries to capture its physical grace and to keep things interesting by capturing one of the more primal emotions that all people are capable of expressing. Moore feels compelled to make what he does and that once he gets it in his head to create something, he can’t stop till he is finished. His work is very strong in narrative and purpose.


(Oops! I mean Rick!)

With formal introductions made, I hope you will do yourself a delight and see their work in person. It’s always a fine day for fine art! At Lovetts Gallery……you can expect to see the unexpected intrusions of beauty!

Raven Sawyer