Raven here with hard-boiled reporting and a whodunit list of Lovetts Gallery upcoming show artists in February’s altitude project. exhibition! I promised you the juicy details in our last newsletter and now I’m here to deliver the goods. The identity of these artists have been previously divulged, but with a little extra sleuthing, I was able to shine a light on what these five artist are perpetrating for this event.

True confessions of an altitude project. artist!

California artist Lindsey Kustusch teasingly tells us her theme for this show: Focused, but still leaving plenty of room for interpretation.

In an attempt to glean more information on this California girl, Lovetts Gallery was able to intercept an e-mail that had the low-down on this artist true intentions in more detail!

Lindsey said, “To gain altitude is not the ability to focus on the clouds or even the stars. It’s not the ability to focus on what lies ahead on your horizon or what you can still see in the distance behind. It’s the ability to focus on what’s directly in front of you. To be present in this single moment. To slow down and dissect each and every one of these moments in your life. To step outside and smell the rain, to feel the warmth of the sunshine on your skin, and to watch the wings of a butterfly catch the wind. To see life for what it truly is.

Altitude is to understand and respect the time you’ve been given on this planet. To respect life and every single microscopic cell that supports that life. It’s acknowledging the complexity of any single thing and then appreciating it in its most basic form.

Altitude comes when all of the little things in life become as important as the whole.”

Juicier details coming from her studio reveals a collective split of works in two parts. One: living organisms (bugs/butterflies/small winged creatures). Two: landscape/urban/day to day life. Only she knows how she will connect the still life world and the landscape world in a cohesive way. Rumor has it Kustusch is pushy. With abstraction that is, as an underlying thread that holds them all together.

Doing something new, something she hasn’t done before, Lindsey finds this exhibit to be the perfect platform to “stretch her wings”!

Sweet metamorphosis!

Crime of deception with her hands!

Sly and creative, wielding her brushes as weapons of art and mastery in hoodwinking, artist Natalie Featherston, stands rightfully accused of executing wonderful Trompe l’ oeil!

However, after a little more investigation into this story…. we found there is a body involved!

A large body.

Featherston is bringing from Providence, Rhode Island, to the altitude project. exhibition, a body of works! Over a dozen pieces with a diversity of subject matter. Natalie looks at the centuries old genre of Trompe l’ oeil with a fresh perspective: How to elevate the high-minded trick of Trompe l’ oeil and raise the expectations of this time honored tradition that fools the eye.

After further probing into her case, Natalie has revealed that her paintings rise above the square picture plane and right angles that capture the viewer’s eye. Here, something unexpected gains altitude with a series of meticulously shaped panels where the surface extends beyond mere trickery; the shaped panel itself becomes an accomplice in the deception.

Gaining altitude, going to the next level with Featherston……is no hoax!

Two artists caught in collaboration scheme in Santa Fe!

Paint Artist Roseta Santiago in cahoots with Photographer Stephen Lang have created an installation that is puzzling.

Literally. It is a puzzle!

One piece or 26 “puzzle pieces”. A dreamscape alphabet. An interactive game of feelings and intellect. She gives us hinting and shady descriptives such as: heady, dark, slightly disturbing, dreamlike and stark. Some provocative/evocative. Some dark circus imagery.

Roseta, under more pressure for information, tells us….” In different sizes and attitudes, I have excavated many emotions and thoughts into visual imagery. I noticed in developing this body of work, that the models that did not inspire interest were those without discernable experience. I looked for layers and complexity for answers. I began investigating “damage” and went back as far as childhood imagery to find it.

The images that evoked emotion were there in the complexity and small rejections of the truth. Like the lingering aftertaste of a great wine……there remains an imprint, a memory or intangible. I find that art I desire to paint is attractive to those who want works that speak to them in some deeper way than “normal.”

This “kiss and tell” ……Santiago says, “Exposing my imagination has been a challenge but I believe you will find it a little strange and enchanting!

We squeezed her for a few last words and they were an enthusiastically, “what, but to paint, paint, paint!

Ohio artist has dark and shady reputation!

With eyes that are sensitive and disciplined to see the light, the dark and the shadows in between; Steven Walker paints the world around us that in our busy lives we may overlook or take for granted. Whether city or country, he causes one to pause and see the beauty in the air, the land, the water, and the nocturnal.

He is a master of design and contrast as he shows us the magic of reflection. Literally and metaphorically.

Steven is an artist of tenacity, intent and purpose. Definitely a person who can contribute his altitude of success to his attitude. A strong work ethic and a lifelong dream of being an artist, Walker doesn’t let challenges nor fears get in his way but considers such matters as nothing but catalysts to propel him to the next level of artistic achievement and personal satisfaction.

The explanation to Steven’s dark and wonderfully shady reputation is reflected in his body of work that he calls “Nocturnal”. For the altitude project. exhibition, his theme is of nocturnal interiors.  Active at night. Walker is a juggernaut of juxtaposition as he deftly uses light and dark contrasts to create mood and memories. He maintains a love for and a connection to the subject matter he paints in oil and so will you.

Man of mystery leaves no clues!

In an attempt to find out what artist Josh George has in mind for the altitude project. exhibition in the way of subject matter, Lovetts Gallery is left in clueless suspense! Obtaining insider information has proved to be illusive! George has spun a cliff-hanger for the show.

One thing is for certain, and that is Josh’s signature sense of humor he uses in the titles of his paintings!

Attitude is definitely one of the secret ingredients to this man’s artistic altitude. As a mixed media artist, Josh is a storyteller. Whether depicting architectural or figurative subjects, his narrative can be heard by way of layering. Culminating in a stratum, George applies layers of oil paint and inspiration along with layers of found material and imagination. Some soul and magic tucked in there too!

This cloak and dagger artist has been quoted as saying, “I want to create a sense of mystery”!

And he beautifully does!

As the French say………Fait Accompli!

Ladies and Gentleman……there you have it! The Famous Five line-up!  In my gumshoe wisdom, I can only say……it would be a crime to miss this exhibition!

Words are inadequate to thank everyone for their love and support in 2015, but we are going to try!

An art gallery isn’t a private endeavor; it is a partnership. A relationship between you, the artists, the community close and at large and us. Besides the obvious of sharing great works of art, we have also shared in the lives of our family of clients and artists.  These things money can’t buy!!!   For everything else there is credit and layaway.  LOL

We are seriously excited for this new year of 2016. The altitude project. exhibition in February, the Fahrenheit Exhibition in June and The Cauldron Exhibition in October. A very busy year planned and filled with Lovetts group of artists bringing in new works and new artists coming on board as well.

Thank you for being involved in art at Lovetts Gallery. Your participation has grown artistic value and significance for Oklahoma culturally and historically and continuing on a path for the future that rivals’ galleries all over the country. We have done this together! 

Thank you,

Jack, Phil, De and Raven



Thank you for your support, for reading this newsletter, and for loving and appreciating art!!!

Raven Sawyer, the Beak Speak of Lovett’s, reminding you that life is more colorful when you have a good Artitude!

Editorial by: Raven Sawyer

Raven Sawyer