This month is going by in a flurry!


This month is going by in a flurry! I have no doubt most of you are very busy gearing up for the Christmas holiday. Garrison Keillor says, “A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together!” Ho! Ho! Ho! It does seem that way sometimes!

Lovetts Gallery has had many special packages arriving these last few weeks. No Santa shortage here! Elves coming to the backdoor every day! (okay, so maybe not real elves, it’s Fed-ex and UPS) But anyway, my point is…...lots of great new art pieces are here and I want to shout from the rooftops (okay, so maybe it’s really from my desk)!

But…...more rapid than eagles the artists they came,As I whistle and shout and call them by name,Now Mallmann! Now Fox! Now Singleton and Brown!On Schwark! On Lovett! On Saunois and Lewandowski!To the tops of the podiums, to the surface of the walls,

Come view what’s new, come see them all!

Here is a short introduction of some of the talented and starry-skied list of new artists at Lovetts Gallery.

From Little Valley, New York, artist Barbara Fox craves beauty, peace, and order, and paints subjects and settings that reflect this idyllic view of the world. Her work conveys a sense of calm beauty with captivating detail. Whether working in charcoal and pastel, oils, or watercolors, Fox employs numerous layers for building deep values and rich colors. Her processes are laborious, time intensive and requiring of much patience. Barbara’s work pays homage to the working methods of the Dutch masters and the tradition of academic painting which involves balanced and graceful composition as well as precise execution. Fox also works as an illustrator and is a Master Designer for the United States Mint. So far, 21 designs have been minted as coins and medals. Jack just got off the phone with her at her studio and arrangements for new arrivals from her were made! Jolly good!

Going deep is where artist Arturo Mallmann of Alhambra, California goes, and he will take you there too. A vast imaginary landscape with one or more figures in the distance, wondering about their existence, has been a recurrent subject matter in my work. That he states, “is why depth is so important to me”. The technique that he uses consists of applying innumerable coats of translucent acrylic paint between thick coats of resin. He finds this process to be essential to increasing the three-dimensional effects of his paintings. Arturo uses a broad range of color, from warm and cool tones to the subtle or bold. Mallmann says, “In their journey towards the depth, the eyes of the viewer, together with the eyes of the figures, are interrupted by a thick, foggy atmosphere that prevents them to see much further. To me that thick foggy atmosphere where we constantly wonder around and are unable to trespass, represents the barrier beyond which lies the answers to those questions that we so frequently pose to ourselves and to the universe, questions about our unknown origins and the meaning of our existence. Go deep. Go Arturo Mallmann.

Georgian artist, Amanda Lovett captures the vibrancy and energy most people miss in the simple moments of life through her art. Her passion started at an early age as she was inspired to sketch her father’s horses. She continued to draw continuously with pencils and paper as her close companions as her artistic journey continued. As she added invaluable experience and education in her pursuits, it was a watercolor landscape class with Frank Broadhurst, who she credits for starting her on a path as a painter. Six years later Amanda switched her focus to oils and made the commitment to become a full-time artist. With a never-ending desire for growth, her love of learning also led to her desire to teach and share her knowledge with others. Lovett currently teaches workshops at venues across the southeast with a series of subject matters developed to build the core skills necessary for growth at any level. Amanda’s work in oils is seen in subjects as western, landscapes, still lifes, plein air, animals and people. Her approach in style is one of realism with an affection and appreciativeness of impressionism with the elements of light, reflection and movement in her paintings. If you think you may have missed the simple moments in life…. then be sure to view the works of Amanda Lovett and be beautifully reminded!

Stillwater, Oklahoma artist Stephen Schwark, creates what is old and makes it something new. This native of Australia has been creating metal sculpture for years and has collectors from all over the globe. His work is the result of inspiration derived from the perfection of the natural world and the depths of the human imagination. From this combination, he has chosen mostly reclaimed metal for his sculptures. In most instances, the metal has been through decades of wear and use and has then succumbed to a forgotten life on the ground. That is………until Schwark finds this lonely piece of metal and transcends it into a sculpture that can be forever present in one’s presence. Whether it be a bust of Medusa or Black Dog, one can see the artistic strength of Stephen’s work in the purpose of repurposing. The discarded reused…. the old is renewed. The imagination lives on in a continuum.

Wildlife artist Kelly Singleton resides in Havre de Grace, Maryland, where she creates paintings that reflect her love of wildlife and the places they inhabit. Her work in oils are the result of many hours spent observing and photographing wildlife, followed by many more hours behind her easel striving to breathe life into her subjects. Using her real-life experiences of nature and the elements of the wild as the fuel for her inspiration, she hopes that her excitement for the natural world radiates through in her art and that it also conveys the importance of conserving nature. Kelly chooses the subjects of wild animals and birds, primarily of the predatory species. She spends much time doing fieldwork and gains a very personal connection to her subjects. Singleton paints in watercolor and oils and reflects the rich variety offered in nature that includes seasons, weather and locale; In the snow or the budding time of spring or on land, water or in the air. The birds have their song and the animals have their spirit and Kelly Singleton brings us both.

French painter Laurence Saunois, self-taught with a love of art and a passion for discovery, says this is what gave rise to who she is today: an artist. She embraces the process of constantly evolving as indeed the same as the world and its creations do so, and to remember that which is more beautiful and more just. She states her path is often fraught with doubts, hopes, failures or successes. (Laurence, believe me, you have a lot of company on that path) Creating brings her much joy but it is nothing compared to the joy of giving happiness and emotions. Because art is above all else…this…….to provoke emotions. And she does, as a wildlife painter, sculptor, photographer, author, a conservationist and a wildlife supporter. Childhood experiences would find her being influenced by time spent at her grandparents’ farm in Figeac, where drawing became a passion. Being contemplative and observant about nature, she also found a love for gardening flowers and vegetables. As an adult, her property has become a refuge for more than 60 species of birds, butterflies, flora and fauna. Working in oils and acrylics, Laurence likes creating atmosphere with shadow and light through color and pigments. She sees an animal like a human being, composed with mood and character. It’s getting the right glance, attitude and posture. And a lot of patience is demanded from the artist. Behind every painting is a story and its ones Saunois wants to tell accurately and authentically………and she honorably and beautifully does.

Sculptor Joe Brown creates from Tucson, Arizona where he was born and raised. He did his interning and mentoring with a world class and well renowned sculptor who taught him how to carve stone while he was also attending the University of Arizona for his degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Illustration and Design. Stone became the medium of choice for Joe because of its natural beauty and permeance making it the perfect vehicle to interpret and utilize his artistic abilities. Of importance to Brown for the choice of sculpting in stone was the lack of restrictions regarding size, shape, or color. It can be placed indoors or outdoors with elegance, which provides further flexibility. Joe’s unique take on the world allows him to become Co-designer with Mother Nature. Inspired by natural stone formations and the embracing of its natural flaws, Brown uses his illustrative eye working as a full-time artist. At this time, we have work of his in Marble and Gold Leaf, Alabaster, Onyx, Chlorite and Limestone. Joe has combined and co-designed the beauty of nature and the beauty of the imagination. Together. Naturally.

Located along the shoreline of Lake Huron in Northern Michigan, artist Erwin Lewandowski’s view from his studio, is the perfect realism. It’s where he resides and it’s where he creates. Erwin specializes in colored pencil paintings of subjects and settings from North America and beyond. (he typically uses 40-70 different colors in each drawing!) Realism is his specialty as his style is Contemporary Realism, Hyperrealism and Abstract Realism. Erwin’s signature approach to waterscapes and landscapes is unique and meticulously rendered in detail, and visually appealing in form, content, and composition. His paintings depict slow moving streams, currents, waterfalls, bubbling brooks, quiet river pools and shoreline settings, that perfectly illustrates his ability to create the illusion of a moment in time, measure of space, and fluid movement with a subject that is constant Change and motion. Lewandowski’s landscape series features studies of mountain regions, slot canyons, building elements, and historical ruins from several Indian cultures. He states, “The medium of drawing satisfies one of my cravings for living. I feel compelled to create and I find, in the process of composition and discovery, the most enjoyable experience. As an artist, I have learned that to reap the benefits of anything meaningful, one needs to be focused, disciplined, and willing to accept change and risk.” Allow yourself to come reap the beautiful benefits of Lewandowski’s work.

I invite you to come see the wonderful art of the artists we represent here at Lovetts Gallery. It is always the most wonderful time of year here! Escape the hustle and bustle, take time to see the roses. (you can smell them too, but you might look a little odd sniffing a painting! But hell, we won’t judge!)


As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,So up to Lovetts Gallery the coursers they flew,With a sleigh full of artwork and sculptures too.

Jack spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,And filled all the walls and the stands with a perk,With a wink of their eye, Trent and Crystal, are pros,Making the beautiful art quite a glistening show.As Jack sprang to his van, to his team gave a whistle,And away they all drove, like the down of a thistle.But I heard them all exclaim as they drove out of sightHAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!

We wish you all the best for a happy holiday time. We wish you all the best, ALL the time!

Merry Christmas!Jack, Trent, Crystal and Raven