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“When a dog bites a man that is not news, but when a man bites a dog that is news”, so get ready for news with bite!

We are still enjoying some rather cool and enjoyable temps around here, as it should be, during the predawn of summer. But come June 10th and 11th……...Lovetts Gallery will be on fire with an intensity and display of art that is so fierce that we had to name the exhibition FAHRENHEIT. No worries, the only thing that will burn is your heart. Okay, your eyes will glow too. Trust me…that’s a good thing!

Over 60 artists will be presenting for FAHRENHEIT, a show loosely themed, based on the book by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury celebrated a lifetime of wonder and imagination: attribute’s that we foster at Lovetts Gallery. This miniatures exhibition will feature artists nationally and internationally, in a diverse range of mediums, represented by more than 130 works on a smaller scale. The size criteria is 6 x 6 to 16 x 20 or up to 36 united inches for this exhibit.

Although the story deals with literature and the burning of books, the analogy to art is applicable. It’s an account of a dystopian society and censorship. The major themes being freedom of the individual, conformity/non-conformity and self-suppression/expression. Books were considered bad because they make people question and think, reflect and dream. Art could just as well become victimized in a dystopian environment……….

but we aren’t there today….and would not want to take this freedom for granted!

Lovetts Gallery presents the FAHRENHEIT exhibition as a celebration! This show is an opportunity to honor the freedoms of having a voice to create art and to own it. Struggle and Rebirth: Art represents vision and ideas, tenacity and imagination. Art grants us the occasion to see the triumphs of the human spirit and the importance that it imparts in our lives, will never be destroyed. Celebrating our freedom to express in such bold and intimate ways protects the burning flame of passion for creating art from being extinguished. Art removes the smokescreens of inaction, conformity and distractions that obscure life experiences and interferes with the ability to think deeply and reflect about our lives.

Lovetts Gallery presents Fahrenheit from Lovetts Gallery on Vimeo.

Art is about free thought, individuality, ideas and the expression of them

Celebration…………………...not destruction!

The “Arts”, in general, is and has always been a reflection of culture. A chronicle: The music we sing to, what we read, what makes us dance, what we create and how we visualize life and life experiences, and what we imagine and dream.

Special thanks goes to the artists of FAHRENHEIT, who are charged up to set people’s hearts ablaze with their unique styles of self-expression!

At Lovetts Gallery, there are no foolish notions like…defining “normal”. The beauty of art expression is its mark of individuality. It’s visionary.

Please mark your calendars for this very hot exhibit………………. where it will be a pleasure to burn! Show dates: June 10 Opening Nights Preview 5:00 to 8:00 pm Invitation Only

June 11 Open to the public 10:00 to 5:00 pm

Oil artist, Dave Ivey, from Louisiana is adding to the landscape at Lovetts Gallery. Literally! With his love of the natural world and its inherent elements, Dave takes to his work with an impressionistic style of painting. He believes that multiple approaches are important to being a good artist. He loves the outdoors and this includes painting there as well. (plein air) The atmospheric conditions, the place, the time and the variable engagements of light, are sources of inspiration for Ivey. He shares his experiences of the world through his art and has a desire for those who view his pieces to continue the experience for themselves. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said…. A man’s style is his voice. You will hear what Dave has to say through what he creates.

Ivey also has a great sense of humor in storytelling. I want to share a true tale of his for the enjoyment of it and for the insight it gives about his lifelong drive and passion for being an artist.

It was a warm spring morning and I remember sitting in Ms. Brooks first grade class on the second floor of Claiborne Elementary. As usual I was not paying attention to Ms. Brooks or what was going on in class. I was looking out the window, listening and watching the birds. When without warning, I suddenly felt a sharp whack on the back of my neck. Instinctively flinching away while turning at the same time to see “those” two piercing eyes zeroing in through tear drop glasses, was…” oh no” …Ms. Brooks and her killer ruler. “What are you doing!” was not a question, but a declaration that I was in trouble. Words I had heard so many times over the course of that first grade year, words that would wake me from my sleep. I was drawing; I was always drawing and coloring. Now many years later, I am still drawing and coloring.

Tee-hee…Ms. Brooks must be very proud of how Dave Ivey’s story turned out! We are too!

Two more artists new to Lovetts Gallery is Joe Remillard and Jennifer O’Cualain. Joe immortalizes the beauty of moments as a Traditional Realist. His range of subject matter covers landscapes to landmarks with modern and historical elements. His philosophy is “life is precious and fleeting”. This is reflected by his contemplative thought and attention to detail in the depictions of home and its relation to community and daily life. Georgia is home for Remillard. Painting from Arizona, Jennifer’s subject matter speaks of life as well…wildlife. She illustrates her animals by being anthropomorphic; sensitivity to their individual traits, she personifies human emotions in them. You will be held in captivity by their eyes and expressions and the way O’cualain so softly paints their portraits.


Pop artist, Andy Warhol, vocalized “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” I totally agree because we are going through lots of innovative changes, by choice. Always first and foremost, we want your experience with art to be maximized. Spearheading the changes are Trent Tomlinson and Crystal Oliver, who have enthusiastically come on board with Lovetts. They bring intelligent, imaginative ideas and skills and are implementing methods to make your adventure in art acquisition more potent and proficient.

We invite you to visit/sign up on our blog to follow us and stay current on what’s happening in the gallery.

Lovetts Gallery is deeply appreciative of the partnering relationships we have with our clients. To be in a profession that bridges the passion and talent of an artist with the love and respect of a collector is the ultimate in match-making!

Thank you!

Raven Sawyer