Talking with Timur

I mentioned that we’ve brought on a handful of new artists, and I was going to be doing a bit more in terms of introductions ... This week, I contacted Timur Akhriev and asked him a few questions about some of the work he’s sent us.

Jack discovered Timur whilst scouring the world for new artists to add to our arsenal. We were blown away by Timur’s array of subjects and his technical proficiency. He can work in a variety of mediums and styles, and as he’s only in his late 20s, he’s just getting started. We are excited to bring him to Tulsa.

Timur hails from Russia, but currently lives with his family in Tennessee. He's a world traveler and considers it a vital part of his art. He experiments with different styles, materials and techniques and is unafraid to try something new.

But don't take my word for it. I talked to the man himself, and this is what he had to say:

Continued here.

The Winter of Our Blog Content

What’s up, 2014?!

We have been busier than … Never mind. Not going there. Had a moment where I started to spout one of my dad's "folksy" sayings, and one thing you definitely don't want is me dishing out dad-isms in a fine arts blog. I'll start again.

We’ve been busy. We’ve had ice storms and shows and holidays. Stuff. Was. Happening.

I mean, you know. It’s been happening to you, too, I’m sure. Santa might’ve brought you stuff. You might’ve had a tasty adult beverage to ring in the New Year. You might have partied. You might have traveled. You might have traveled and partied. You might have abstained from the whole thing.

During that time, we also changed the background pic on the front page of the website. Not sure if you’ve seen it yet. Waylon’s not really around anymore, so we kicked his pic to the curb and stuck ourselves on there. I think it turned out a little more … serious than we were intending, and we’re going to have to do it over again.

There’s just something wrong with it. And by something, I mean Phil. Phil is wrong with it. I should just Photoshop his head out of there.

Or maybe it’s me. It’s not Jack. Jack can look however he wants. He’s the patriarch of this fine establishment. In any case, I think we’re going to try again, and then in the future, we’re going to rotate pics in and out on a bit more regular basis. Don’t worry; we won’t be messing with the site’s navigation or anything. You can still find your way to the new art and to the blog.

Introducing ...

We're excited to introduce you guys to Brent Cooke, the latest addition to the Lovetts Family. Brent is a bronze artist out of Victoria, British Columbia (that's Canada for any of you geographically challenged).

According to his website, he carved wood and stone for a number of years before giving bronze a try. He creates sculptures mainly of birds and marine animals, and "endeavors to impart a sense of movement in each work to engage and intrigue the viewer." It's an idea I've seen in animation of all kinds, and in film, but I've never seen it in bronze wildlife work.

Consider the image above, Wing Speed. A Peregrine Falcon, the fastest bird on earth and formidable hunter, cuts through the air in pursuit of a Barn Swallow, intent only upon its prey. The swallow seeks only escape. It's as though Brent has captured a slice of a full-speed chase with the clarity of a high-end camera.

Anyway, it's pretty cool. And you can expect to see Brent's work in the gallery soon. Call this the teaser.

In addition to creating mind-blowing sculpture, Brent has a pretty cool day job: He is the Director of the Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition, a museum he designed and built in Vancouver. The museum is the largest collection of privately owned motorcycles in Canada, and features bikes from more than 50 different manufacturers. The gig also affords him the opportunity to make kick-ass art, so it's win-win (win?). Him. Us. You.

We'll see you soon, and thanks for reading!