That’s what glass artist Pavel Novak does, and he does it stunningly!

From the Czech Republic, where he was born and raised, a country where he also gained knowledge and training, has a long tradition of beautiful glass with impeccable craftsmanship.

Pavel not only contemplates his creations, which is only the beginning, he prepares for them as he embarks on the long, skillful and labor intensive journey his art requires. Every piece is one of a kind and created from the highest grades of optical glass. Novak achieves kaleidoscopic results by cold working processes, grinding, polishing, laminating, coloring and sand blasting.

Immigrated in 2000 to the United States, he has continued creating beautiful glass sculptures and investing in the lives of students, with his talent and expertise, as a premier instructor.

I should like to add a note of importance about optical glass; Some have said it is worth more than gold. I agree. I wear glasses, of which I cannot see without. That means the world to me for I couldn’t see the world without them. Optical glass has rather magical qualities and takes great craftsmanship to make it in to the useful and thing of beauty it is. Just think next time when you view intense images taken by a high quality camera or breathtaking projections seen from a high performance telescope. Just a few other examples of how optical glass impacts and inspires our lives!

Optical glass is the perfect blend of nature, mathematics, science, beauty and the imagination!

Come view Pavel Novak’s sculptures and reflect, refract and revel. Rejoicing is allowed as well!

Raven Sawyer