New artist to Lovetts Gallery, Natalie Wiseman, takes us down memory lane, mixed with our modern moments, adds a twist of irony, and paints for us a colorful and creative cocktail of life!

From a bustling and hectic home situated in Joplin, Missouri, there resides an artist who is highly energized, imaginative and talented. Married and a mother of three children, Natalie Wiseman lives a life that is always providing her with ideas and inspiration.

She possesses a very real enthusiasm for the work she does and one can tell that the creative wheels are always turning in her mind.

Painting with acrylics and oils on panel, Wiseman is a contemporary realist; other times a borderline surrealist still life painter. She states the line between the two gets blurred as images of toys, food, lingerie and American pop culture collide to reveal life that is anything but still. Did I mention she has a great sense of humor? So does her husband, Noel. After making the trip by car, with one of her works literally poking at the back of his neck the whole way, he arrived in great form and mood, as did her pieces. It was such a pleasure to meet them as lots of oohs and aahs were being breathed as Jack, Trent, Crystal and I viewed the pieces as they came in. Her husband looking forward to a much more comfortable drive home!

Natalie resourcefully utilizes the all-to-plentiful pieces of household debris to build playful yet complex lasagna-like compositions that are as much about revealing trains of thought and the creative process as they are about accurately representing the objects themselves.

There is a nostalgic impact as Wiseman incorporates pastime elements and ingredients that are current in our lifestyles today. I love the eclectic style in her subject matter as multiple dimensions are represented in time, space and narrative. Natalie credits marriage and motherhood, along with past experiences as a newspaper cartoonist, interior design project manager, mural painter and liquor store wine room manager to be significant influences in the evolution of her art and its themes.

Even the titles to Wiseman’s paintings show creativity by her play on words.

In her piece, “Princess and the Pea”, she mixes antiques and antics. Definitely some “monkey business” involved in this one! What kind of mischief on the mattresses is this? Can you find the pea? There is definitely more to this story…...!

Bacon, eggs, pancakes and pastries. Coffee and orange juice. Breakfast is ready, comes the call. “The invasion can wait”! Amid ray guns and robots, flying saucers and fried eggs, maple syrup and spacemen, the call of duty is to eat breakfast.

High suds on the high seas! When it’s time for me to wash the dishes, I would rather have to walk the plank than clean. But leave it to Natalie to add her special touch that turns a chore into an adventure. Bowls and boats, cups and colanders, water bubbles and wine glasses, mugs and muffin tins, pots, pyrex and pirates, all waiting to be a part of kitchen clean up.” Sink or Swim”, what a treasure and pleasure, this piece is! Shiver me timbers! You wash and I’ll dry!

“Keep Out of Reach of Children” and “Center of the Universe, as well as “No. We Can’t Elope”, are even more proof of the fun spirited and seriously executed talent of Natalie Wiseman.

Childhood pastimes…. playfully adult…. evidence that there remains a kid in all of us no matter the passage of time.

A humorous homage to humanity! Come and enjoy the world of Wiseman!


We are excited and proud to have the work of Natalie’s at Lovetts Gallery!

Raven Sawyer