Did you know that artist Sheri DeBow, who works with German Polymer Clay for her sculptures, is a star? Well, her dolls certainly are! They are about to debut their acting career on the NBC series Grimm! Three of DeBows dolls are featured in the season’s finale, “The Beginning of the End, Parts 1 and 2” which will air back to back on Friday, May 20th! The Grimm series is inspired by the classic Grimm’s Brothers Fairy Tales. It’s a supernatural crime drama involving a police detective who can see the dual nature of creatures among us, hiding in human form.

We are so happy for Sheri, who is a real, true living doll herself! Congratulations!

Sheri DeBow……. always a star at the Imagination!

Sheri DeBow is a long-standing member of artists at Lovetts Gallery. She will be presenting in the Fahrenheit exhibition and full of spooky surprises for the Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew Exhibition with a parallel project, “Ghost Stories From The Attic”.