Halloween may be over…..St. Patrick’s Day drawing near….but I want to talk about skeletons. Not the ones that may be in your closet…those are your secret’s, but metaphorically, referring to your home or business. The bones of the areas you place your art. How to dress a skeleton with a heart! Number One, your heart, because it should be a reflection of who you are and what you love. What you like may not be the taste of another’s. In art, there is no right or wrong. It’s your judgment, discernment, your mind’s-eye and experiences that direct you in collecting. We express our own creativity through admiration and acquisition of an artist’s creation. It’s this quality that gives our skeleton personality.

What rattles your bones?

Lovett’s purposely brings high caliber artists in, who widely range in mediums and genre, for the respect of diversity in art and out of respect for the diversity in you, our clients. To give your skeleton movement, don’t hesitate to relocate your art pieces to different areas in an existing room or a different room altogether. These types of changes can be visually powerful and renewing, as well as furnishing a new perspective to your pieces themselves.

We all know motion helps prevent stiff joints!

Now let us address dressing…..appearance. If it is a hanging piece of art, is it framed to compliment the work? Proper framing is an art in itself. Preservation and conservation are critical for protection. If glass covers a piece……keep it clean! (window of your soul kinda thing). The appearance in displaying three dimensional works are enhanced by where and what they rest upon. Whether pedestals, tables, or shelves, these can be works of artisans and craftsman as well. Don’t be tempted to relegate your free- standing sculptures to the corners only. Boldly put it in the middle of the room! I have a 7 foot carving in my home this way and I love how it can be seen in its entirety. I have a rather modest sized living room so I don’t want to hear any excuses about space! Your skeleton has heart, personality, movement and countenance, and lastly is to dress it in good lighting. Having art pieces lit correctly adds to the dimension, drama and beauty of your art and your space. Whatever or wherever you call your sanctuary, sanction it with art you love and don’t be afraid to collect art outside your norm. Save your fear for spooks and the like. Now that I got that off my sternum, I hope you’ll get off your tailbone and come visit Lovett’s Gallery. Our sanctuary. No skullduggery here……or perhaps there is…. with Pamela Wilson, Alexandra Manukyan, or Natalie Featherston.

Welcome to the Imagination

If you’re looking for a new outfit for your skeleton, allow me to share what’s recently arrived in the gallery! For starters, new mouldings that are worth a little eye-balling! The Japara Line is striking in natural capiz shells, in colors champagne and ivory, and three profiles. This moulding lends itself equally to traditional and contemporary art styles. Versatile and elegant! The Angus Line, leather wrapped and in six profiles, comes in Dutch Black and Burnt Tobacco. This look of authentic distressed leather adds warmth and texture to any framed design! Very rich! Descriptive of a German art school, is the Dauhaus Line. Clean, crisp, white lacquered mouldings in four new modern profiles are sure to be a perfect fit for contemporary pieces!

There’s no reason for bare bones with Lovett’s alignment of new art! You know when you have a “hunch”…”gut feeling”…”bad vibe”, “feeling wary or doubtful” ? Well, the beautiful woman in Anthony Gonzales new oil on canvas, titled “Suspicious”, is certainly feeling it! Why? I don’t really know. Gonzales colors are vibrant and moody, perhaps like his subjectess. The arch of her eyebrows, the style of her body language and the deftness of this artist’s talent makes you linger. A penny for her thoughts. Welcome to her imagination!

Next is metal sculpturist, Kirsten Kainz and her two new pieces. As some of you know, she is an artist whose purpose is to repurpose! “Oilman” stands atop of a base made from an old transmission piece with an Oil Zum oil can for a mid-section. Quite a sturdy fine fellow he his! “Toad Diego” is made from the droppings of a metal punch.

The patina of the metal is soft and varied and the look on his face, mouth opened, is a bit mischievous, yet happy!

Kirsten, as true in most cases,
She visits remote places,
With good calculated measures,
She hunts forgotten treasures,
Kainz creates from her old finds,

Art pieces, one of a kind!

Never been into Heavy Metal? Well, here’s your chance!

Welcome goes to a new artist in the house, Steven Walker. Currently hanging is his piece “This Spot’s Reserved”. Executing with oils on panel, he has displayed a remarkable talent for using contrast to tell his story. The dark of the evening, broken by the glow of a streetlamp……the van backed into the parking space. Is there a mystery here or an image of comfort? You decide….welcome to your own imagination! More paintings coming soon of Steven’s and you’ll be the first to know when they arrive!

We’ve talked about dressing our “skeleton”……it’s heart and personality, it’s framework, it’s adornment of art clothed with passion . One thing remains as the finishing touch before I leave though…….make-up!!! Oh, the vanity! The “Vanity Series” that is, by the exciting new artist, Sharon Pomales! Most women will readily identify with Sharon’s images of applying cosmetics. She captures the familiar expressions we make when putting on mascara, lipstick and the like. One of the paintings is her having her hair foiled, wearing sunglasses to disguise her identity, and a finger held to her lips to imply “don’t tell”. Only her hairdresser knows if she’s really a blonde!

This series is graphically spirited, painted in oils, and vibrant in color. So true to life, humorously, we’ve seen ourselves this way, other women this way, as well as the men in our lives have observed this mystical and magical ritual of us “putting on our face” ! One could say there is a great overlap in comparing the painting of a picture to painting ourselves….telling a story…our story…reflection. Whether painting on panel, linen, paper or the epidermis, it’s all an art form and Pomales’s talent is not just skin-deep but goes to the marrow! Sharon will be one of the featured artists in the upcoming Lollipop Guild Exhibition in June.

So if your skeleton is ready for something new…..come see us and we’ll help you put “meat on its bones”!

Welcome to the Imagination

Thank you for your support, for reading this newsletter, and for loving and appreciating art!!!

Raven Sawyer, the Beak Speak of Lovett’s, reminding you that life is more colorful when you have a good Artitude!

Editorial by: Raven Sawyer

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