Coming to us from Southern California, Lovett's is proud to present the multitalented artist Nancy Von der Launitz. Step into the realm of possibility which Nancy has created and experience the beauty for yourself.

Using oil on linen with a refined gracefulness, Nancy brings us captivating portraits of beautiful women. Drawing on her own life experiences as a make-up artist and hair stylist for the fashion and entertainment worlds, Nancy's propensity for detail is dainty and delicious. Fanciful settings draw you into the paintings where you are overtaken with the bewitching, yet elegant charm of her subjects.

Yulia --- A popular Russian name, but who is this intriguing lady? A noblewoman, an actress, a spy? Clearly a high fashion woman who loves to show off her trend-setting verve, while her calming stance displays she has great savoir faire. This painting is interesting in the fact that one can only view her face. Eyes are the window to the soul, so the saying goes. What are her eyes telling you?

Dress Shop --- Haute-couture is the only thing to say for this dressmaking establishment. Clearly this custom made, exclusive dress was created by a brilliant fashion designer. You have to view this painting in person to fully appreciate all the distinctive, delicate elements that Nancy painted on the gown. The dress is gorgeous; the model is stunning. I don't know about all the other ladies, but I sure would like to visit this dress shop.

Jade --- Relaxing on her chaise lounge, gazing off in thought, this siren silently pulls you into her world. Totally complacent with her surroundings, she suggests just a hint of herself with that come-hither look in her eyes. The impressive headdress and ornate feathered fan stand out in their own way, but do not take away from this finely accessorized lady. With the pearl necklace, the dwindling beads, bracelet and ring, Nancy has a way to complete the look of perfection.

Nancy delivers intense, spectacular beauty perfectly balanced with softness. She has the unique ability to combine grandeur with loveliness.


Nicki Carson