Oda and Kit not only married their lives but they also married their art, which is their passion. A wonderful love story about Corey Oda Popp and Kit King, husband and wife, two individuals maintaining a sociologically significant relationship. Dyadically, they are the merging of two separate artistic careers into one painting entity. Collaborative…. but not in the traditional sense, “OdaKing” creates in a fascinating sequence----a way where the viewer cannot tell where one hand leaves off and the other begins. They are as fluid as the medium of oil they work in, producing pieces that are rich in texture and high-level detail, resulting in an edgy hyper-realistic style.

Viewing their piece “Never Here”, is evidence of their artistic talent, contemporary art born through love. Seeing this work in the gallery, reveals a well-executed painting in oil and silver leaf; a woman in repose as she lays among the leaves.

They are well known for their portrait works, but they are not shy to experiment and push the boundaries with new techniques, mediums and surfaces. Living, loving and creating from the French countryside of Curran, Ontario, Canada……. Oda and Kit……claim “It would be madness to be doing anything different!”

“This just made sense, we feel our best work comes when we work as one. We are fortunate that we have similar styles and approach and that our work blends so seamlessly together, especially with working in photorealism.”

The dyad of a man and woman.

The dyad of two artists.

OdaKing----------------A perfect love story of the two becoming one. That’s a masterpiece!

Don’t wait to come see “Never Here” at Lovetts Gallery…………. before it is never here!


Raven Sawyer