It's the season of Fall at Lovetts Gallery which signifies our special Fall exhibition. This year it is The Cauldron: A beautiful Brew! This time of year lets us have a little extra fun. For pumpkins sake, it's a week before Halloween! The chill is in the air, and the thrill is in the show. Something wicked this way comes for the Cauldron.........something wickedly good! The artists have been feverishly stirring the pot in their studios producing their part of the Beautiful Brew. Nothing but tricks!

The imagination is fostered strongly at Lovetts. Imagination is the ability of the mind to be creative and resourceful. Charlie Chaplin said our imagination means nothing without the doing. Imagination is not the opposite of reality as some may think. It is an essential ingredient for contemplating and scrutinizing reality. It helps us problem solve, by being open to possibilities and considering other perspectives. It's the realm of ideas and the multiple choices to convey them. As you can see, art and imagination have a chemistry with each other. An alchemical relationship. When you combine a potent combination of talented, imaginative artists with their work for an exhibition at Lovetts Gallery....... you have a Cauldron of Beautiful Brew!

The Cauldron will feature new and creative works of 70 artists, converging in one place, at Lovetts Gallery, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but coming from all over the United States and many countries around the world. The artists are a mix of some we represent and are established with Lovetts and the addition of many new artists that have never shown here before. This "cauldron" contains two and three-dimensional art works of varied mediums and subject matter. We are happy to announce that several of the artists will be present at the exhibition. For some of the artists, these themed exhibits present opportunities to delve into something "outside the box", something different than what they may typically be "known" for. As it's been said, "nothing ventured, nothing gained". So we are happy to provide these opportunities to the artists. As always, there's and our goals are the same; to showcase our best efforts and talent, for the pleasure and enjoyment of you, the collector.

The Cauldron is also proud to present its parallel project, "Ghost Stories from the Attic". This is a solo show by artist Sheri DeBow. With a haunting number of sculptures, Sheri will be showing her magic in this special body of works! (Pun intended!) With her German Polymer Clay, paints, fabrics, adornments and sharp eye for fine detail she will cast a spell on you with pieces that are engaging, intuitive and demonstrative of the transience and mystery of life. These dolls, these ghostly and promethean treasures from the past will unveil the timelessness of time.

You won't want to miss the magical elixir of ideas and discoveries, a tonic of strength and beauty, the extract of highly regarded artists with their bewitching talent mixing together to create something new for the Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew Exhibition. Come and be a part of the artistic imagination at Lovetts Gallery!

Opening to the public

Saturday | October 22, 2016 | The Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew | 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

"It's delightful when your imaginations come true, isn't it?"
(Anne of Green Gables)

A special thank you goes to artist Anthony Waichulis and his students at Ani Art Academies for the wonderful video work they did for the Cauldron exhibition. Their generosity, hard work and creative ideas are always an inspiration to us. They are a great example of what the "doing" part of the imagination is all about!