Saying “Happy New Year’s” to you is a lot like when I say “Thank you” to you…… inevitably seems my words are inefficient to relay the depth I feel when I say them. Frustrating! This is where “a picture paints a thousand words” would come in handy. Hmmmm………I don’t paint, but I know some great artists who do! Lovetts Fine Art Gallery, together, with all the artists we represent, are dedicated to dignifying your new year with artworks to make this a special year for your art collecting.

Lovetts Gallery is wired with excitement for this new year! It is full of new exhibitions, artwork and artists! So, what’s not to love!?! Let the creative process continue!

The artists we represent have great enthusiasm and inspiration going into 2017 and that means the walls and shelves will be talking. Walls can talk, I know it’s true. There are words spoken by each painting, old and new. You will hear the whispers of truths and dreams. You will see the nature of woodlands and streams; The human figure and the wild animal life, the moments of joy and the pains of strife. You will hear beauty in the magic of color, by the work of hands; created by artists all over the lands. So, I know walls can talk and I hear them clear, their messages of happiness and an occasional tear. Do not pass too quickly and slow down for the view and see what the art on the walls is saying to you.

Art is documenting all the time what humanity sees and is experiencing and it’s as individual as each person. Lovetts Gallery is proud to handle such highly talented artists from so many walks of life and experiences, that are compelled to speak through their art, as they have done through all the ages.

This is what makes an artist a story teller…… a documentarist…. a reflection in the mirror. They create those things that makes us feel good, at times feel uncomfortable, to feel inspired; the point is…. their work causes us to feel…. period. Their work causes us to think. To think and to feel together…. is a good thing.

Naturally, there are many art forms represented at Lovetts Gallery and they speak too, in a 3-dimensional voice. The artists create in medias of bronze, stone, wood, clay, glass and metals and create them into vessels, sculptures, figures, and jewelry. These works are designed in open and closed forms. 3-Dimensional turns up the volume with density and mass.

The calendar has been filled in for exhibitions for all of 2017 and Lovetts will be starting in February with Red: Emotion in color! 60 plus artists will be in this show with their artistic take on the color red. Some will be applying red color to their work and others will be applying “red” by insinuation of its meaning. Red has more intimate and individual affiliations than any other color. It can represent love, anger or bashfulness, blood and hearts, apples, cherries and roses. Red Rubies to red barns, firetrucks and red wine, sunburn, murder, high heels, Coca-Cola and Cardinals. Red is used in flags and maps from all over the world. Some people wear rose-colored glasses, some get the red-ass, see red, have taken the red-eye flight or have caught someone red-handed. This provides for a wide and variable spectrum by which to feel and think. And love! The walls will be talking!

With eyes wide open, Cupid’s quiver will be thick with arrows at Lovetts for the RED Exhibition. No worries, aim and desire for a perfect match of art for yourself will prove to be love at first sight, unlike the painting of Botticelli’s “Primavera”, where Cupid is shown blindfolded while shooting his arrow of love! Blindfolded? That just seems a little risky!

RED is saturating your artistic pleasure with a parallel show named 7. The 7 Exhibition features 7 artists that are producing work for the 7 Sins and & 7 Virtues. Each artist took an opposing pair. Natalie Featherston-Charity and Greed, Donato Giancola-Forgiveness and Wrath, Melanie Florio-Chastity and Lust, K Henderson-Humility and Pride, Dave Lebow-Temperance and Gluttony, Robert Caldwell-Diligence and Sloth, Julie Bender-Kindness and Envy. The intrigue to these 14 pieces, has our hearts beating wildly!

Now you can see why we are so excited! All these artists for the RED/7 Exhibition will certainly capture your adoration as they have worked hard, diligently, expressively, and creatively. They bring their talent, passion and individual ideas to their art and to you. We are all a part of the Imagination at Lovetts Gallery! The five senses are vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The sixth is Imagination!!


The exhibits at Lovetts have always been and will always be about celebration. We have a new year, we have February coming, so fondly called the month of love, and we have RED: emotion in color and 7. The color of red has many designations, such as strength, high energy, sultriness, warmth, confidence, depth, potency, spiciness, speed, health, the political, the divine, the financial, comforting to threatening, nature and nutrition, life or death. What a powerful color…. the color red! Choice, imagination and freedom! And 7……. well….to see this special exhibit is a virtue! To miss it…. a sin!

And last, but never least………………with much Amore……Thank you!!!!

Factoid Asteroid: Lovetts Gallery named its newsletter “The Wall” because the walls talk and here they always have something to say!