Big appreciation is what we are feeling here at Lovetts Gallery!

We thank everyone that attended and supported the RED/7 Exhibition. We thank the artists for their participation and hard work.

Through the avenues of media these days, we thank those from far away who support the arts and exhibits at Lovetts from a distance.

The theme of “Red:emotion in color” was a great platform for exploring “red”. The artists contributed many lenses to see or understand this potent pigment in our world. Through familiarity, we can easily dismiss something and that something can even be color. The works of 2 and 3 dimensional pieces for this show paid beautiful tribute to the effect of red, in our lives.

Enthusiasm is an important ingredient for the Imagination at Lovetts and this fine element was expressed through the artists and the collectors. In regards to a digitalized age that has become the norm, there still remains a deep desire, satisfaction, and respect for art. The labor of a person’s hands, mind and heart to express is quite important and it is those of you who appreciate this truth, that will foster it into the future.


Behind the scenes………sometimes…...somethings…... go wrong. Artist Alex Jove had a piece of his work for the show go missing in shipping for the exhibit. It is still AWOL. Very disheartening after all that blood, sweat and tears. Artist Julie Bender, participating in the 7 Virtues/Sins parallel exhibit, had the horrific event of breaking her wrist after completing only one of the 2 pieces for the show. On top of that, I left Jack in charge of assembling some paper pom- poms for the buffet table while I was attending to cooking duties at home. I won’t do that again! Jack is a master framer and a professional and knowledgeable art curator but he really sucks at making pom-poms. Thanks to Ashley (our daughter) who came to the rescue on that!

We sincerely wish a full recovery for Alex and Julie who voiced great strength, character and attitude with their misfortunes.

As far as Jack is concerned…...well hopeless……with crepe paper!

We thank Anthony Waichulis and his students at Ani Art for the video production of RED/7. It’s always an honor for us at Lovetts to be recipients of their fine and generous talent and creativity!

Because one cannot appreciate too much……again we extend our gratitude to the dedicated artists, the beauty of their art work, those who appreciate, support and collect and the investment that is engaged by all.

YOU are the you in Thank You!!

Lovetts Gallery is excited to announce the next exhibition coming in June 2017: MIRROR MIRROR !!

The artists will be engaging in their work from an honorary point. In a tributational vein, they will create from someone who has influenced and inspired them in their pursuits.

Mirror Mirror.

Reflection and Perception. Respect.

In between exhibitions, Lovetts Gallery is receiving new works all the time. Crystal works hard to get this info out to you on our social media sites. She will be more than happy to assist you in person when you come to visit. (pssst….she just became the mother of 4 goats! If you need a smile, ask her to show you the video!)

Trent. Trent keeps us all calm and under control here at the gallery!

Trent plays a vital role!!!

They both put much care and energy into the Imagination!

They and coffee. Lots of coffee!

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery or hearing from you online. Shopping in your pajamas is not a bad thing!