What you're looking at above is a combination of a lot of different materials that bring to life the vision of Josh George, one of the new artists we've added. There's wallpaper. Acrylic paint. Oil paint. Other things. It's called, A Way of Entrance.

New art arrives here ... All. The. Time. You should be used to that. I mean, it says it on the Lovetts Gallery website:

"Lovetts Gallery receives new artwork nearly every week of the year, varying from a few pieces of turned wood, jewelry or contemporary still lifes to dozens of pieces for an upcoming live event or exhibition. The works above are the newest to arrive at the gallery." (That's from the New Works page, btw.) What we don't (normally) do with the same frequency is add new artists. B-ut in the last few months, that's exactly what's happened. Check out the honor roll (in no particular order):

Josh George (VA)

Terry Cooke Hall (MT)

Ron Gerton (WA)

Patrick Dean Hubbell (AZ)

Jane Liang (NC)

Tim Yardic (CA)

Jane Radstrom (CA)

Sandy Greenfield (NM)

Each of these new artists brings something new to Lovetts. George is a master of mixed media, and has a very contemporary, narrative sensibility. Gerton is a maestro with wood, and provides the gallery with some pacificnorthwest flavor. Hubbell mixes traditional Native American tropes with modern abstractism. Yardic's fused glass is reminiscent of longtime Lovett's artist Doug Randall, but distinctively different. Our two new Janes (Liang and Radstrom) add a contemporary punch to our repertoire. Hall brings the perspective of a commercial illustrator to fine art, and produces bright, contemporary work of a variety of subjects. Coffee aficionados should definitely check out her work.

Or you can just come in and experience it first-hand.

Wait, Jewelry?

If you noticed, I left a name out of the descriptions: Sandy Greenfield.

Usually, when we get a new artist, we'll get somewhere from three to six pieces from them. If it's a jeweler, like John Knotts, Sebastian Cilento or Jody Lyle, we received 10, or maybe an even dozen.

Sandy started off with 20 necklaces. Bam.

"They are different from anything we have," says Jack. "They are extremely well made. She uses good materials and good stones. And they are very affordable for the amount of work she's put into them."

We were introduced to Sandy via one of our other artists, Merlin Cohen. (A lot of people come in and ask us how we find our diverse selection of artists. Recommendations from other artists is one of the many ways. We could tell you more, but that's giving away trade secrets ... and you know what happens when that happens.) Our jewelry, I think, is often overlooked when people think about Lovetts. It's easy to hear "art gallery," and immediately think of just paintings and sculpture. But we have two jewelry cases, both filled with amazing jewelry. We have pieces from Wayne Muskett and Kee Yazzie Jr., talented Native American artists whose work is not easy to come by. Jody Lyle constantly changes her style while applying masterful technique and apparently

inexhaustible creativity. John Knotts is someone you'd call a "character," and he imbues each piece of jewelry he creates with some of himself. Sebastian Cilento is Australian, and his rings and jewelry look nothing like anything any of our American artists would produce.

The next best part about all of our jewelry is that each piece is unique. You can't find anything like this at the mall. And you won't run into anyone with a matching piece to yours.

But wait, there's more. If you're not content to merely choose from the existing selection, each of our artists would be happy to make a commissioned piece for you (there's no mark-up, either; you just have to be patient while they make it).

Lovetts. We're more than just a pretty picture.

Show Schedule

Shows around here don't happen overnight. We have to give the artists time to create, sometimes a year or more. And so we plan. If you've been to the Exhibitions page on our site, you know about Viruosity. If you haven't, that one stars Brett Lethbridge, Juan Medina, Terry Donahue and Ron Gerton and goes down Sept. 13, 2014. Go ahead and put it in your phone calendar (or write it on your real one, you luddite). I'll wait.

Finished? Okay. Moving on. We have the showmap for the rest of 2014 and most of 2015. We don't have names for all the shows yet, but we do have participants and dates. They are:

 November 8, 2014: The Wild Bunch Starring Robert Caldwell (VA), Paul Rhymer (MD) and K. Henderson (NM).

 February 7, 2015: The Young Guns Featuring Joseph Crone (IN), Timur Akhriev (TN), Jane Radstrom (CA) and David Shingler (NC).

 June 20, 2015: The Lollipop Guild By popular demand, we're bringing back our miniatures show. It's open to the whole wide world of artists and we expect there to be a lot of tremendous work. There'll be a $1,000 prize for best of show.

 October 24, 2015: The Birds Gwen Wong (GA), Scott French (GA), Camille Engel (TN) and Scot Storm (MN). Also, this one is going to have a Hitchcockian theme to it as well, so expect some additional participants. It's a new idea Jack and I had, sort of like a concept album. Stay tuned for more details.

There you have it. More details to come. Stay tuned. Or better yet, come visit. You don't have to wait for a show

to come see awesome art or hang out in the Gallery.