Good Morning……all day long!!!

This week I am excited to talk about what art appreciation is. But first, I’d like to define what “appreciation” means. When we recognize and enjoy the good qualities of someone (like you!) or something, we experience appreciation. It is fully understanding a situation; the nature or meaning of something. Appreciation is all about understanding! I loathe brussel sprouts! But, I can appreciate that others feel culinary delight to have a plate of them, as well as receiving the nutrition they provide. Phil, our logistics manager, loves camping. I love NOT camping. I do appreciate the elements of camping and that it provides pleasure and adventure for Phil and his family. We can appreciate the different elements of people, places and things. I’ll have more to say about elements in a moment, in regards to art.

Art is a tangible entity as in a painting, sculpture, photograph, and etc. Art is uniquely human and tied directly to culture. It is an expressive medium that allows us to experience joy, sorrow, confusion and clarity. It gives a visual voice to ideas and feelings, connects us to the past, reflects the present, and anticipates the future.

But art…….requires an artist. Societies call on artists… to create.

So obviously, an artist is the first element of art. The other elements, the building blocks, include line, shape, form, space, texture, value and color. Art also requires content, which is idea based. These are intended and /or actual messages and our reactions as individuals to them. Content also includes ways in which a piece of work was influenced; society, politics, religion, personal experiences, history, education and emotions. All these factors, together, make up the content side of art.

By referencing appreciation, am I getting ready to tell you that you should like all art?

Absolutely not!

Do you like every piece of music you hear, every book you read or every food you’ve tasted?

Of course not!

But you can learn to appreciate (to understand) art outside your comfort zone. The benefits are twofold. (1) Understanding the elements an artist implements in order to create is helpful in understanding what their piece of work is about. And (2) Familiarity can bring with it a particular level of relaxation. Learning can certainly have these after-effects!

Often, an appreciation for something only comes with repeated and prolonged exposure.

For almost six decades I have been involved in art in some shape or fashion. Some of my personal tastes in art have changed a few times, but due to learning to “appreciate” art; I’ve since become more eclectic in admiring and collecting!

It really is an enjoyable exercise. As Dee, our Social Media Director, likes to quote her father…..”Have an open mind, but not so wide your brains fall out!”.

Now let’s work out!!!

Get your art pants on and come to Lovett’s Gallery and do some stretching in Art Appreciation!