Thank you! And thank you again!

Deep gratitude goes out to our collectors and artists for the success of the Fahrenheit Exhibition.

What makes an exhibit successful?

A lot of elements that come together. The key being "together". None of these things can work alone. It's an orchestration that is beautiful from the acts of collaboration it requires.

The artists: the hard work and creativity and talent they express, the challenges, the deadlines, the computer tasks and destination details. They come from all over the globe to bring you the results of their heart, hands and soul. Art is critical to every country and culture around the world. This wonderful and free expression is what we ultimately celebrated for the Fahrenheit show. With the numerous instruments of their various mediums, the artists perform the visual voice.

Chip Walter has stated for National Geographic, "The greatest innovation in the history of humankind was neither the stone tool nor the steel sword, but the invention of symbolic expression by the first artists." I would have to agree. Evolution. Yes, we are all a part of the process. The desire to speak visually occurs prehistorically. The pioneering artists went to much pain and effort to create, to securing elements from the earth to utilize for supplies such as pigments, binding medias, brushes and other tools. Cave dwellers reflected the depths and passion it takes to create. How awesome that the traits of passion, emotion, creative drive, storytelling and instinct of artists stands the test of time and humanity, not to meet extinction. The visual voice.

It's this truth that is the bedrock of the art world.

But...I digressed a bit. I was answering what makes an art exhibit successful, and so I shall continue....

Along with the artists, it involves:

The works of art: The work is the visual voice. It speaks the seen and unseen, it's feeling and emotions, it's experience and dreams, it provokes and it pacifies. Its voice can scream, it can whisper. It can create chaos it can create calm. The artist holds this power and releases it. They share it. The works of art in the Fahrenheit exhibition demonstrated the scope of creativity and ideas as individuals and as a group.

The collector: The ones who hear, see and respond to the visual voice. The collector appreciates, admires and connects in ways meaningful to their lives. Art collecting involves passion and the joy of pursuing that passion, making the collection they are assembling a reflection of their personality. The collector becomes their own curator for their space. Artists would not survive without collectors, the art lovers! Even our museums would be extremely small or non-existent, as most pieces are donated by art collectors. Collectors are valuable to keeping the art world alive for us all.

This is what makes a successful exhibition. When all of these key elements come together.

This labor of love comes from the artist and the collector. This labor of love also comes from us at Lovetts Gallery when we curate for the gallery and for our exhibitions. We do our best to see that art acquisition can be for anyone that desires to collect art pieces. We strive to be that octave of the voice that educates, guides, and provides. Art purchasing is personal. It is an adventure without an end. It is fundamentally an experience. It is also a part of history making and evolution. At Lovetts Gallery, we see our part as giving the artist, their work and you a place for experiencing your passion in an environment that is comfortable and professional. Hey! We love art too, so we understand how you feel!

Thank you to the artists and the collectors for playing such an important role in keeping art sustainable for our pleasure now and for others in the future!

Thank you to everyone for your dedication to the Fahrenheit Exhibition!

We found it a pleasure to burn! We hope you did too! Passion does that you know!

The Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew is our next exhibition scheduled for October 21 and 22, 2016.

We are all about "celebrating" with our shows and this exhibit is no different in that respect. What a wonderful facet in art. Art in and of itself is about reverence; honor and respect of our individuality and its expression.

The Cauldron will be a large and varied artist show with multiple mediums and genres. Lovetts Gallery strives to provide a wide range of interests to meet the desires of the individuality of our clients. We are proud of the artists we represent and the hard work and challenges they take on to participate in our gallery exhibitions. We are proud of our collectors for supporting the artists.

The Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew, will feature a parallel project, a solo exhibit, by Artist Sheri DeBow, titled "Ghost Stories From The Attic". Sheri will be presenting with 13 dolls, in German Polymer Clay, in her signature style with some surprises.

As you can see, this is a big event with lots of beauty, genius and fun!

I will reveal more details at my next letter!

Together...we will catch the spell that is....... The Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew!

Emotion. Engagement. Empowerment.


A special thank you to Anthony Waichulis and the Ani Art Academy and students for producing the video for the Fahrenheit Exhibition. It is an honor to receive their enthusiastic help and creative genius. Anthony is relentless, talented and generous in all he does.

A reminder: For the latest artist information and arrivals of new work, please check our gallery website and social media pages.