Crowley - the cat

It’s Friday the 13th and that doesn’t scare us here at Lovetts Gallery! Owner Jack Summers, even owns a black cat (pictured above...j/k, but not.).

The only fear we have is….” where are we going to place that awesome piece of art that just arrived?”

No peeking before the show!

Besides the many new art pieces that come in daily, the Fahrenheit Exhibition artists are starting to send in their new finished works for the show. Crystal is so enthusiastic with their arrivals; she has claimed the unveiling of their contents as her sole responsibility. She is like a little girl at Christmas!! With wide-eyed wonder, oohs and aahs, and soft giggles, she has decided that all artistic works, shall pass through her hands first. And good hands they are… Crystal uncrates, gently and respectfully, caring for each piece and keeps the artists briefed on transit and conditions. Crystal loves art and we love her!

Raven Sawyer