Artist Romona Youngquist takes you to a place of serenity and peace by way of a whirlwind canvas ride of oils. You have heard the saying, “the calm before the storm”…….but with Romona’s unique approach to painting……”the storm before the calm” more aptly defines her creative technique.

A completed work of art from Romona isn’t just about application. It is also about removal. Addition and subtraction. Herein lays her passion, as she “storms” the canvas with a myriad of tools to do her bidding, in the act of distressing. After applying oils from her muted and limited palette, softly building from a soft shower, she gathers strength and intensity like a thunderhead cloud billowing above. Powerful lightning bolts of sand paper, brushes uprooted and used on their pointy ends, to rags, or anything else blowing in her way are snatched at will for her to strike the canvas with. The aftermath of this textural effects storm, in its unconventional applications, leaves the finished painting shining in the dewy light of comforting scenes of traditional form. The calm. The relatable. The recognizable and the wishful.

At a very early age, she was fascinated with values as she observed them in nature. Value is the relative lightness and darkness of a color. It defines form and creates spatial illusion. Contrast and gradation. Mass and contour. Mood and drama. Whether living in Oklahoma as a youth or an adult in the wine country of Oregon today, Romona’s subject matter is close to home. She has nurtured appreciation and observancy in regards to her surroundings and allowed nature to be her teacher. Inspired in this way, she encourages you to escape the stresses of daily life and indulge in an impressionistic walk through her work where one experiences peace and inspiration. Rejuvenation.

We are happy to welcome Romona Youngquist to our group of artist’s here at Lovetts Gallery!


“The Clouds—-the only birds that never sleep”……..Victor Hugo