It’s all about the lighting. And no, I’m not talking about the rampant proliferation of holiday lights on the homes and businesses of Tulsa.

. (We actually had a brief conversation about syncing up the LED lights in the gallery’s front windows to some Slipknot, but decided against it.)

. I’m talking about art lighting. The proper lighting can make or break a piece of art.

. In the gallery, we have more than 250 light fixtures illuminating art at any one time. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Each fixture requires a trip up and down the ladder. Adjustments must be made. What looks good from the top of the ladder might not look good to the person standing in front of the art on the gallery’s floor.

. I can’t really understate how important it is.

. Another of the ways we control the light in the gallery is by blocking out the light from the front windows. This summer, we had some window covers made to hang outside. They were better than the old ones that hung inside for a couple of reasons. 1) They blocked the outside light better; 2) They looked more awesomer from the parking lot. (I am aware that awesomer is not a word; maybe it should be.)

. For reasons beyond our control, we’ve had to replace them already, so we took the opportunity to switch out some of the images. We think they came out pretty well. You’ll have to swing by and see them when you to get presents for your loved ones.

. Here’s are gratuitous pics of Jack standing next to a couple of the window covers:

. If you have lighting needs in your home, we will be happy to come out and do a consultation with you. We work closely (and exclusively) with Gilley’s electric on these projects.

. We can light up your life.

. Continuum

. Rolling on with last week’s blog theme, we have a couple other new artists to introduce you to: Stefani Tewes and Kierstin Young.

. Biographically speaking, I’ll have more on them later. But for now, two awesome works of art:

. Stefani Tewes, Stop All the Clocks, Oil on Panel, 40″ x 40″

.Kierstin Young, Immanent Epoch, Charcoal & Pastel on Paper, 12″ x 16″

. Normally, I’d tell you to come see this amazing art in person, but … it’s not here yet. It’s on the way. Stay tuned, true believers!

. And with that, I’m leaving you short this week.

. Thanks for stopping by.