Jewelry is an expression of ourselves. We wear it on our bodies, which reflects the intimacy of its function. Not only does it touch or pierce our skin, it clings to us in many other ways. Emotionally and visually. The constituents of jewelry, taken from the earth, honed and crafted creatively by the artist, is a way of connecting us to the land and sea in as many unique ways as we are.

We could talk about the science of Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Petrology and Gemology, but that would be outside the boundaries of this article. Suffice it to say that expertise, experience and knowledge goes into the making of artistic jewelry pieces. And passion. An extremely important element. Let’s call it Passionology……because we can!

The jewelry artists that we represent at Lovetts Gallery have this Passionology of which I speak.

Annette Blazon debuted at the Fahrenheit Exhibition with earrings that related to the Fahrenheit 451 story. She creates in a style that is eclectic, off beat and funky. We are waiting for new pieces from her that she describes as taking her work to the next level in metals and stone. You will be the first to know when they arrive. Oh no, sorry …. you will be second to know. Crystal, our sweet and multi-faceted aficionado at Lovetts insists on being the first to open package arrivals here at the gallery. She will be excited to deliver the good news to you!

Sebastian Cilento has his foundation in Native American work that resonates in pulchritudinous and symbolism. He is traditional in silver and goldsmithing and turquoise. Bracelets, rings and cuff links are among his creations as well as his swell design here at Lovetts. His single and double row dome bracelets are fashioned after Navajo bracelets from the 1920’s. Sebastian sees the beauty, strength and elegance of stone, minerals, gemstones and sterling silver as the vehicle that allows his work to focus on the art of adornment.

Patrick and Patty Elliott are jewelers who specialize in opals from around parts of the world, like Australia, Ethiopia, Brazil and Mexico. Opals, gifts of nature, millions of years in the making, have incredible colors and patterns to them. The Elliott’s make stunning earrings and pendants and make a wonderful show of the beauty of Opals in the varied ways they have designed the settings in their pieces.

Sandy Greenfield has a preferred style of necklaces that are hand-crafted multi-stranded and strung with a variety of stone types within a single necklace. She uses precious and semi-precious stones with tribal and ethnic designs. She creates with metals, spiny oyster shell, African and Tibetan Trade beads and all shades of turquoise gems. You feel and see her energetic and artistic vibe.

Bruce and Darlene Hartman create one of a kind pieces that are heavily influenced by the organic beauty of nature and European design. They work with precious metals and hand-cut stones. They both interned with a master stone-setter in Idar Oberstein, which is the capital of Germany’s gemstone industry. You will find among their collection, necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings.

John Knotts draws his vision from the lake and rare rocks for his work. Pre-Contact Cherokee pottery designs motivate John’s current pieces, often worked from old silver coins or sheets of sterling silver worked with cold chisel. He enjoys the feel of something that looks like it might have been discovered in an archeological dig, the pirate feel of discovering treasure. Knotts is full of inspiration and adventure.

Noel Leicht is a contemporary jeweler who loves having an acetylene torch, hammers, saws, files and an anvil at her fingertips. She creates for wear and display in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Copper. All her pieces have a story, as she says, “It’s sort of like writing with metal”.

Jody Lyle has a fusion style. She creates necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings in Rosarita, Dendrite, Sapphire, Chalcedony, Lion’s Paw, Tiger Eye, Garnet, Jasper, Citrine, Wave Dolomite. She is interested in traditions and cultures. Early metallurgy has been pivotal in her passion for jewelry making. Jody has a sensual use of color and a passion for invention. Fusion, too, is the balance and enmeshing of herself with her work.

Wayne Muskett is a channel inlay artist and silversmith that loves to create his work with an array of bright stones of the earth in his jewelry as a reflection of the colorfulness of different peoples and cultures he has the joy of being surrounded by.

Kee Yazzie Jr, a master metalsmith with an affinity for applique work, cut out, mosaic and inlay. He uses the finest natural Turquoise, highest grade Coral and the best Gemstones. He is passionate in seeing that his contemporary jewelry is a pleasure for people to wear.

Steve Yellowhorse, a Native American jeweler who uses his own concepts, stamps and designs, and collects the best Turquoise available, also uses materials such as dinosaur bone, and diachroic glass. He has a “folded” signature style that is unique.

Stewart Yellowhorse, younger brother of Steve, leans gently towards the contemporary in his pieces. He is best known for his inlaid knives. From his Navajo heritage, he makes each piece with the thought of making them an heirloom to be enjoyed for years in the future.

Most of the jewelers I have just talked about also have vast backgrounds in sculpting. This skill and talent lends itself intriguingly to the designs, formations and quality of their work. The pieces of these jewelers are works of art……. that you get to wear!

We have pieces for men and women. All the jewelers we represent at Lovetts Gallery will custom create a work of art for you as well!

We practice Passionolgy at Lovetts Gallery!


Raven Sawyer