How could these two things possibly go together? To have lived my life, is to know how they did! And still do…..for artists today. I grew up in an artist home, with an artist mother. Her studio was replete with all the important ingredients to produce her heart’s desire…which was extensive and expansive.

Watercolors, oils (hence where the turpentine comes in), acrylics, pastels, pen and ink, copper, ceramic pottery, jewelry, and glass. Every inch of our home; a tribute to the arts and my mother’s creative spirit. For Pete’s sake, the woman would sew a business shirt for my father or whip out a homemade quilt for relaxation! Then of course she still had to clean and cook meals (and this is where the fried chicken comes in). All part of the sights and smells being raised in a world of art. Added to this were the groups of artist colleagues, artist friends, the many travels to exhibitions, and admonitions of “DON’T TOUCH THAT, IT’S STILL WET”

Today……….sushi may be more common on people’s menus than fried chicken, and the array of art supplies continue to expand, but the passion and self motivation that drives the life and livelihood of the artist is classic and yet kaleidoscopic. A finished piece of art, be it a painting, wood, clay, jewelry and the like are the end product of the artists beginning and middle. Their work may represent the past, the present or the future. Their passion is to give expression by speaking through their hands what their mind and eyes conceive; their heart and soul being alongside their supplies and tools of their trade. Self motivation for they work alone, courage for the vulnerability creativeness demands, and the many hats they must wear to juggle this with other commitments of daily life while also seeking visibility and recognition for their talent…their art. All of us at Lovetts find it deeply satisfying to have an active part of the creative process: Bringing the work of artists and those who seek and appreciate it together!

So…allow me to introduce you to Sheri Debow, who intimately knows the challenges in the life of an artist. As a painter, sculpturer, and mother of five children, she certifiably works in the Department of the Labor of Love! Sheri has produced a piece in german polymer titled “Too Many Balls in the Air”,

that depicts the analogy of “wearing lots of different hats”…………but with a twist……….. “wearing lots of different shoes”! Who hasn’t experienced the act of juggling many things in life at the same time? Or, wished to have more than two hands…..or two feet? Debow approaches her work untraditionally and with a sense of humor; with views that span the extremes of life, from the horrible to the wonderful. She not only sculpts but paints as well; whether it’s a blank canvas or scraps of wood, wire, fabric or clay. She sees possibilities in everything around her. Sheri hopes her work makes people stop and think; that is why she creates. “Art is air for me”, she says!

What makes you breathe?


Continuing to make a few splashes (and some bubbles too) is Todd Ford……an artist who can certainly attest to the pressures of juggling. Attempting to balance the balls of family, his career as an art teacher and doing commission work…….he rarely created art! What?! He didn’t drop a ball, but he wasn’t okay with one slipping out of place; upsetting the symmetry. To regain the compassion and commitment he used to have, he quit trying to make time to paint…and instead…made time to paint. He has been unstoppable ever since! The responsibility and dedication that “labors of love” require, is typically not easy, but it makes for the most meaningful and enriching of experiences. Cheers to you, Todd! On top of his busy schedule, he was in the gallery a couple of weeks ago with new paintings! I got to see the pieces he’s done for the Lollipop Guild Exhibition and they are awesome! Sorry, no sneak peeks till Showtime! What you can see now, is impressive as well! The proof (pun intended) of the power in the paintings of “Rush”, “Tipsy Too”, and “Happy Hour” is not found in the alcohol content, but in the solid control Todd exerts over the features of liquid.

Masterfully, he captures the reality of a split millisecond motion….because of the speed at which it occurs….it’s a moments recognition we miss. Todd does an amazing balancing act in showing how realism and abstraction co-exist, hence, by the tangibleness of his subject matter and its literal twists and turns in depth, dimension, texture and reflections. An act driven by the power of motion. An artist driven by the power of motion with his oil paints! It will make you hesitate next time you pour a glass of drink…….now you know what the eye can overlook! So, as these pieces could be described like a fine wine……elegant, soft and subtle, resolving into a delicious, smooth and satisfying finish: his painting “Ravenous” could be described as intoxicating; dark and rich, igniting the senses. Todd adds another level of complexity by the addition of a crow’s skull………with an eye?!

What will you see?


We humans aren’t the only ones trying to balance “too many balls in the air”…….nature gets in on the juggling act too. And, Photographer, Claudia Patrick, got it all on film in a 4 second exposure. Innocently enough, it was Autumn. Claudia, with her keen sense of vision and private-eye skills, came upon a body. A body of leaves.

Laying still they were, dressed in extravagant beauty, as if resting after a grand celebration. Who dunnit ? How did they get there? The trees are certainly on the suspect list. The circumstantial evidence points to the wind (you can’t see or catch the wind). It is the cause that leads to effect. But the effect, the hard evidence, was captured by Patrick, single-handedly with her Canon EOS D Mark lll. The verdict……these fallen leaves will be doing some hard time, because Claudia artistically and most judicially printed their beautiful mug shot on metal with a dye infusion process. The archival quality is unparalleled with values lasting 150 years when hung out of direct sunlight. For the record…..these leaves are going to be around for a long time! Just as the wind ceases to blow and deposits the tossed leaves that were in its grasp….life goes on. The wind will catch its breath again and with renewed strength go about its business being wind. Likewise, in all our human juggling, we can’t carry everything, all the time, although we work hard to do so. We can learn from the wind…..and then go about our business being human. Thank you Claudia, for showing us through “Leaves”, that change can be a beautiful thing.


Last, but certainly not least……..Who hasn’t had to juggle the “ball” of finances? To make art and custom framing accessible and affordable to everyone, Lovetts offers the same layaway service we’ve always had. By today’s standards, you’d call it old-fashioned. No interest, no time limit. You choose your payment amount, which doesn’t have to be fixed. We are flexible, so you can be. Our only requirement is you make a payment every month on the same day, which you choose. That’s it! It remains an active part of our mission to enable anyone who desires to own the high-quality works of artist and artisans, to do so! It’s been said that the earth without art is just………eh. Of course, looking is always free and encouraged! People come in weekly, expressing their enjoyment of the gallery’s presence, the beauty of the art most naturally; but also the mood, the lighting, the music and aroma. It’s been described as a sanctuary; calming, inspiring and peaceful. A haven. This is why art is an important aspect to life, because of the effect it generates in us. With Jack’s dedication to Lovetts, which has consisted of 6 day workweeks all these years, he has made the Gallery a haven for himself as well. His “labor of love”. His home away from home. So, you don’t just visit an art gallery……it’s more personal.

I know………I live with him at his other home.

His wife…..Cindy

Yes! I, Raven Sawyer, the editor for Lovetts, am really Cindy Summers, Jack’s wife. I always wanted to have a different name, for the fun of it, and the newsletter and blog provided an opportunity. Unfortunately, I don’t always “juggle” too well and missed the deadline for this newsletter!


Obviously, we couldn’t do what we do, without Phil Bordwine managing Logistics and De Humphreys directing Social Media! To watch some fine juggling, is to watch these two at work! They’re a hard act to follow and an important part of Lovetts Gallery……………


This is Raven Sawyer, the Beak Speak of Lovett’s; reminding you that life is more colorful when you have a good Artitude!

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