” Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Georgia artist, Joe Remillard, knows the value of moments and memories and he demonstrates what he knows by painting in oils on canvas.

His piece “Pink House” depicts the beauty and simplicity in everyday life. The merging of individuality and community is evident in his work. Attention to detail is seen in the different colors of the homes, variety of foliage in the yards and fences and the cracks in the concrete. Street signs and graffiti and recyclable containers continue the narrative of this snapshot of life…...of living.

Joe’s painting style is Traditional Realism. He never uses projection or tracing to do his work and he draws and paints daily as an artist and as a full professor at Kennesaw State University. Using a discriminating awareness of light, he intimates at the stratum of historical and modern elements in his compositions and color.

Reflecting in thought, Joe philosophizing says, “The times within which we live……. are just a tiny piece of a much bigger picture. I see that tiny piece as containing some universal ideas about life and beauty, which I hope are reflected in my art.”


Raven Sawyer