Donato Giancola-Defining our humanity.

Through his love of story and work with the human figure, Donato makes conscious efforts to find and preserve those forms of expression which best defines our humanity.

What meaning do the words engineer, designer, draftsman, illustrator, architect, historian and visionary have in relation to art? Everything if you are New York artist Donato Giancola! Inspired by the best contemporary Figurative Realists through to the greatest of the Old Master, Donato combines Classical, Abstract, and Realism, as well as working with Science Fiction and Fantasy. As an artistic bridge builder, Giancola oil paints in Narrative Realism, drawing upon historical, mythological and literary materials providing an elaborate connection of the traditional and contemporary. With this strong foundation, he is an expansive and dramatic story teller with his brushes.

In his epic and original rendering, Vesuvius, you are compelled just like the elements in the painting. The boundaries of this piece with the billowing smoke, raging fires, the propulsion of the woman and breaking pillars, can barely contain the motion, action and emotion presented. The intensity of contrast and the power and richness of his color and subjects will have you experiencing this piece in a cinematic fashion. This image graces the front cover of “Air and Darkness”, the fourth and last book in the series “Books of the Elements”, a newly released David Drake novel. Donato has done the cover artwork on all four books.

“Mermaid: Search Study”, caused me to pause and question my beliefs of mermaids. Donato has portrayed this mythological creature in such a realistic way that for a moment……a long, long moment…I felt they must certainly be real. A fantasy come true? Perhaps! He so deftly painted her, washed ashore, and expired. A mermaid’s death or the death of a dream. One thing is vividly alive… and that is Giancolas imagination. Death makes most people want to look away, but you can’t with her, as you are drawn to her beauty and otherworldliness; yet also drawn to her in a relatable and recognizable way as to her human identity. Giancola has masterfully painted this piece, depicting the iridescence of her skin, the motion of her hair and the seaweed and the luminosity of the conch shell at her side. The ray of sun reflecting on the rocks and her face, whispers grace and mystery! A Search Study indeed!

A quote of Francis Bacon reads, “There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.”

“Genghis Khan”, the 13th century warrior who founded the MongolEmpire, both loved and hated, is another painting of Donato’s that shows strength and power, in the subject matter of the piece and the artists’ adeptness in rendering. Genghis facial expression, his eyes, uniform and the way the artist has used lighting, is compelling and commanding.

“Kushiel’s Dart” is stunning and elegant! Again, with light, color and form, Giancola is persuasive with the viewer. From a loose tendril trickled down her tilted neck, a thorned rose tattoo going down her back, to the sway of her hips and scarf, leaves one wanting to know her secret thoughts. There certainly is a narrative here.

As well with “The Mechanic-Thresholds”, Donato has executed softness and steel in a complimentary contrast.

He creates potent characters, recalls legendary and imaginative events and renders action….to tell a story. Actually, he is involved and acclaimed in so many ways with his artistic talent that I would have to write about him in many segments to cover his past and current works; so suffice it to say that we are excited to have Donato showing at Lovetts Gallery.


Raven Sawyer