Dear Art Diary,

There’s a wonderful spot, I’m told, where it’s never too hot and it’s never too cold;
Where you’re never too young and you’re never too old,
Where you’re never too big or small.
And you’re never, never, never too, too, too, anything at all, Oh!
You’re not too mad and you’re not too sane,
And you don’t compare and you don’t complain,
All you do is sit tight, ‘cause it’s all so, so, so, so down –right, right!
Tra-la-la! Ha-ha-ha and a couple of ho-ho-ho’s,
That’s how we laughed the night away,
At the Lovetts Lollipop Guild Art Show!
Oh, Art Diary, how I love the wonderful world of art! The expression of each artist
was so creative; each a wizard in their own right! All together they worked like a
team…….follow the fellow who follows a dream!
The room was full, with lots of inspectors;
Fond faces of patrons, our cherished collectors!
The refreshments, they flowed, and the lights were aglow,
Thank you for following Lovetts yellow brick road!
The Lollipop Guild Exhibition is in the Gallery for viewing and purchase through
July 20, 2015. (Note: some sold pieces will remain through this date and others
will go with their new owners at time of sale) This unusual collection of miniature
works are only small in size, but many in numbers and large in talent. Art wasn’t
the only thing hanging, as we had the surprise and pleasure of artists hanging out
as well. Robert Caldwell, Virginia, Sharon Pomales, California, James Johnson,
Texas, Oklahomans, Dr. Wood and Molly Murphy and Brian Slawson from………….


We aren’t sure how Brian got back home to Kansas… balloon? Or
did he click his heels together three times and say “there’s no place like home”?
I will be writing again very soon.
The Birds Show is coming up and there are a lot of preparations here at Lovetts Gallery!
The Birds CC Invite4

Sincerely yours,

A generous “THANK YOU” to everyone for your support and enthusiasm of The

Lollipop Guild Exhibition and for making the imagination real!