Dear Art Diary,

Oh, so many things to talk about since I wrote you last. In case you haven’t heard, I suppose now would be a good time to tell you. Remember HTTP… we have been together forever. Well, I think that relationship has run its course and he is so on his way out the door. He’s been loyal and faithful and all, but he is kind of stuck in his ways, lives in the past and stubborn to try new things. I was ready to go to the next level and that’s when I met WordPress. He sooo gets me and this new relationship will take us and our clients to a better business web experience.

They sing “breaking up is hard to do”…….But in my case, it’s really just the hassles of making the transitions necessary to be up and running smoothly. For instance, the Wall newsletter will now be accessible on our site so our clients and visitors won’t experience a disconnect in regards to art and artists and other news and information. You will continue to be able to access all of our social media sites in one place!

I’m so excited about the other new features too, like the Inventory Tab that will be on Lovetts front page. This will allow you to see the entire collection of all artists work at one time. At present, it is by individual artist and that will remain as well.

For all new pieces, you’ll be able to view four separate images of 3Dimensional works! With more options in viewing artwork, quicker and additional information on the artists, press and videos……..It will definitely be love at first “site”!

I also heard through the Gallery grapevine that Phil has a new photo of Jack he’s going to replace for the present one. Jack doesn’t know! I just love you art diary; we can talk and you keep my secrets!

But two things that are never a secret…….is the greatness of the art and artists at Lovetts Gallery and certainly the greatness of our clients.

Oh, Art Diary, I have so much to talk about but will have to wait till my next entry.

So much to do for the upcoming Lollipop Guild Exhibition in a few weeks!

I bid you a sweet goodbye!