Hey, dramatics aren't just for family gatherings! Tee-hee

Baby it's cold outside........................and we are hoping you will drop by Lovetts Gallery, where it is nice, warm and beautiful and there is no hurry!

It's December.... and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go! Take a look in Lovetts Gallery, with new pieces all aglow.

Deck the walls with art from Lovetts....... Fa- La- La- La- La.... La-La- La- La! What better to go with your boughs of holly.....Fa- La- La- La- La.... La-La- La- La! Certainly, a new piece of art will make your season jolly! Please follow me in merry measure, while I tell you about our gallery's yule-tide treasures!

Alright, alright......I'll stop with the caroling! I'm just feeling the holiday spirit......fine..... maybe I'm having a little early eggnog......with whiskey! I'm joking (hic!)

Of course, decking isn't just for walls. Artwork is fittingly perfect for your tables, mantels, floors, home, office or body. (Jewelry!) Even for outdoors. Yes! Outdoors too! The bronze and stone sculptures that are installed in front of our gallery are available. Glass, steel, stone and bronze pieces are great for indoor and outdoor placement. You are only limited by your imagination. Just ask Kari!

I just wanted to make a joyful noise about the wonderfully talented works of art by the leading and renowned group of artists we represent at Lovetts Gallery. What gets some people to thinking of a new art piece(s), is that the holidays become an active time of year for having others visiting in our homes and businesses and being inside more from the cold. It can cause us to pause and reflect about our environments and take a fresh assessment of what our space speaks about us and what we want it to say to others. It's no secret that art is a powerful form of communication. That is one of the many exciting aspects of being involved in the world of art!

A mention too about gift certificates: These are helpful to give all year long and lets the recipient of your generosity select those special pieces for themselves or perhaps custom framing. A gift certificate from Lovetts Gallery is as original and different as the original works of art they can choose from.

The holiday season is a wonderful time for us to thank you for your business----but----

It isn't the only time, as we realize how important these relationships are all year. And year after year! Lovetts Gallery would not be possible without your support! With big feelings, we want to say a heartfelt "thank you" and send our best wishes to you and your loved ones. This has been a stressful and intense year for so many people that we hope the new year approaching will provide health, happiness, safety, and success as your companions! And imagination. Always use your imagination. It is the beginning point of making something come into being!

Lovetts has several new artists that have joined our family of art and artisans here at the gallery and you will find them in-house, on our website and I will be writing and featuring them as well. Artists you are fondly familiar with and collect their works have also been sending in new pieces. Too much info for this letter! Preparations are in full swing too for our next exhibition in February---RED/7. Christmas has nothing on Lovetts Gallery.... where it's always the busiest and most wonderful time of year. All year!

We look forward to seeing you through this final holiday of 2016 and to working and serving you for many years to come! Welcome to the imagination at Lovetts Gallery!

"Who's Kari?", you may ask. Miss Kari is a longtime client who maintains an enthusiasm for art like a child at Christmas, year-round! She has an eclecticness and creativity to her art collecting and is always working on a project. Inside her home and outside. Her imagination has created a very energized, individualized and personal sanctuary. And her journey continues....................

We don't say it often, but it calls for an important reminder: Lovetts also has Fine Art Prints, Limited Editions, Giclee Canvases and Fine Art Posters available through The Greenwich Workshop, Somerset Fine Art and many others. Just let us know what you are looking for.