Call of the Wild

Wildlife. Wild paintings. Wild sculpture. Wild art.

On November 8, 2014, 10am to 5pm, that’s what you can expect from Paul Rhymer, K. Henderson and Robert Caldwell. We’re calling them … The Wild Bunch, and they are the next exhibition from Lovetts Gallery.

Paul Rhymer spent 25 years at the Smithsonian as a taxidermist and uses that experience to create bronze sculptures that capture the living essence of the animals.

“Twenty five years doing taxidermy and model making really prepared me well as a wildlife sculptor,” says Rhymer. “Being exposed to an incredible diversity of specimens and curatorial knowledge gave me a wealth of experiences. I still do some taxidermy to keep up with anatomy and reference for my sculpture.”

You want wild? K Henderson lives off the grid in Weed, New Mexico (population: 63). She spends her time soaking up the wilderness and creating paintings of whatever she feels like, from biscuits to antique toys to Native American portraits.

Henderson is much lauded and collected. She has some renown in at least three completely different art circles. You’d compare her to a best-selling author who’s achieved success using three different pen names.

Henderson is from Tulsa, and always looks forward to her trips back to see her friends and family.

Robert Caldwell always loved the outdoors, exulting in his adventures as a Boy Scout. It was only natural that he merge that passion with another – drawing.

Caldwell draws inspiration from North American and African wildlife. He’s made several trips to the Continent the past few years, and the artwork he’s produced as a result is among the best of his career.

We can't wait to show you what these talented artists have created for the show.

Since you're making note of show things you'll want to attend, here (again) is the schedule for the next year or so:

 February 7, 2015: Young Guns Featuring Joseph Crone (IN), Timur Akhriev (TN), Jane Radstrom (CA) and David Shingler (NC).

 June 20, 2015: The Lollipop Guild This is the Lovetts Gallery miniatures show, and we have artists lined up from all over the place, including many you've never seen in Oklahoma before. We are super excited about it, and you should be, too.

 October 24, 2015: The Birds Invitational. Hitchcock. Wildlife. Bam!

We will see you Saturday!

It's Still the Pig

The secret to collecting art is simple.

You have to enjoy it. You don’t need an art degree, or a fundamental understanding of the influences Italian politics and financiers upon the artists of the Renaissance. You don’t need to understand color theory. You just have to fall in love with the art.

That’s what happened to Joe and Lisa. Their names aren’t really Joe and Lisa, I’m just not going to tell you who they really are because we care about client confidentiality. But their story needs telling, because it started with a painting of a pig.

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Employee of the Month

(This is a sequel of sorts to last year's Lovetts Halloween Special. If you'd like to read that one first, go ahead and click the link. Employee of the Month will be here when you get back.)

I had that moment of wondering what the sound was, where the hell was I, what time is it, before my brain caught up. Even still, I sat up in the middle of the bed waiting for some kind of prompt.

The phone vibrated against the floor. It seemed to shake the bed. I snaked my arm between the bedside table, groping around, thinking spiders.

I found it. Jack. It was also 3:15 in the morning. I thumbed it on.

“What’s up?”

“The alarm went off at the gallery. Can you go over there?”


“The Farm’s security guys have already checked out the space, and there’s no one there anymore.”

The anymore had a weight to it. Moreso than if it were said by someone who didn’t work at a place with our particular inventory.