Crikey! Wildlife from around the globe has arrived at Lovett’s. Spotted around the gallery are some masterful works from Australian artist Brett Jarrett. Experience the precise dedication this artist devotes to the animals in each piece.

Being a traditional realist painter, Brett Jarrett captures the animals not using traps or cages, but with oil on canvas. The precision of detail and anatomical accuracy from his use of light, textures, form and tone make each animal come alive.

Traverse though nature, with the mammals and birds in their world. Brett Jarrett takes us on his journey and invites us to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures. We get to live in the moment with each animal. Feel their story, understand their individual personalities and character.

So come, take a walk in the wild!

Giraffe — Like peeping through a keyhole and visiting a savannah in Africa, Brett takes us face to face with a giraffe. Being a quiet, non-verbal animal, the giraffe seems to be communicating that he knows we are looking at him.

Evening Light — Touring Eurasia, we spot a pair for life. Brett gives us a hint of light as we peek in on this couple. Are they waking up, or are they dozing off to sleep? Observing the beauty and grace of this duo allows us to gain a better understanding of harmony in the natural world.

Twilight — Looks like we caught these two just at the right time. The zebras appear so calm and peaceful. The diffused light prevails in this piece giving us the ability to share this time with them. The bold pattern of their coats are remarkably displayed, each with distinctive stripes and characteristics.

Jersey Calf — Blimey! What’s this? A Jersey Calf spotted locally? Not really a surprise since they are the second most common breed of dairy cattle in North America. But, they originate from the British Crown Dependency, Isle of Jersey, which is located off the coast of France. Talk about some traveling. . .

Again, Brett catches all the small details that make you love this piece: The veins in the ears and the sweet, docile feeling you sense from this animal. Although the calf is mainly tan, the hint of red on the head tends to lead us to believe that this little calf might just be a bit “sassy.”

Sneaking Home — Brett takes us to his native soil where we spot a group of precocious little penguins. After a long day of swimming, they are probably heading home to their burrow. The leader of the gang seems to be saying: “Hush you two, keep it down before we get caught.”

Cheetah Cub — Getting the opportunity to see this beautiful cub just makes a person smile. Brett amazes us again with the wisps of baby fuzz on this cub. Instead of a full coat with spots, this youngster seems to have freckles. Is he watching something in the distance or perhaps just looking for an adventure for the day?

Cheetah — This elder statesman of the group is a marvelous display of Brett’s talents. The detailed lines on the cheetahs’ face add to the mysterious feel for this piece. His overall, stern expression seems to be sizing you up and asking: “Who are you?”

Lion — Wait! Do you hear that? This lion is proudly displaying himself with his mouth open. You can almost hear him breathing. One can almost see each individual hair on the lions’ head. The blending of many colors in the lions face and mane demonstrate this artist’s ability to make the lion seem real.

Brett Jarrett exceeds all expectations of a wildlife artist by preserving the lasting form of the animals in his works of art.


Editorial by

Nicki Carson