Art of the West…...a little left of center!

Observing the life of those who choose to live off the land is what led Lone Star State artist, Jo LeMay Rutledge to find the subject matter that was worth her time at the easel.

The ranch life genre has been portrayed by many an artist and Rutledge thought this was one rodeo she didn’t want to ride in. She has lived in the Texas/Oklahoma area most of her life and considered what could possibly be brought to the painting stable that hadn’t been brought already. For the love of ponies……….” Fort Worth is home to many Russell’s and Remington’s”, she says!

Till one eye-opening, bright day at a friend’s ranch……...

“What I saw there didn’t have a hint of romance in it. It was ranch trash, beautiful horses, manure, ditches of unmanaged grass, cast off equipment and rodeo trailers in need of a coat of paint. That’s the real deal. Hard work, thankless hours of maintenance and the jimmy rigging ranch gear. Indeed, the life of anyone who chooses to live off the land.”

As I view Jo’s work, I sense a “true, real life romance” is there……... which is the fairest, most honest, kind, endearing and enduring!

Not only does Rutledge portray what is on land, but what is above it. The painting, “Eagle Owl”, done in acrylic, is a strong and powerful piece. With a starry sky serving as a backdrop, as only nature can do, you see the majesticness of the owl as he is in flight with the wind beneath his wings. The evidence of Jo’s adventurous and colorful personality along with her keen eyesight, sensitivity and execution of talent is obviously reflected in her works.

She works in oils and acrylics and is fearless in her subject matter. The easel of Jo LeMay Rutledge, has supported works of ranch life, flowers, nature, landscapes, sacred scenes, portraits and a varied array of animals.

We are looking forward to additional works of hers to arrive at our gallery and we will let you know when they arrive. In the meantime, don’t let the opportunity to see and acquire “Eagle Owl” fly past you!