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Lovetts Gallery Unveils New Website


Below are videos and explanations of the search and navigation features of our new website.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us here at the gallery by calling 918.664.4732 or using our contact form.

Menu Search

Our new menu is accessible by clicking the 3 lines in the upper right corner. Once there, you will find links to all sections of the site. You will also find a menu search bar that will allow you to search artists by State, Country or Name. This is convenient when searching for certain artists by geographic location or if you want to jump to a certain artist with the least amount of clicks possible. Simply begin typing and the menu will populate with the artists you are looking for.

Below is a video showing these features and how to use them.

Quick Links on the Front Page

You can now access nearly every artist section of the site from the front page via our quick access links.


There are quick links to 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, Jewelers, Prints and Books sections. You will also find quick links to several pre-defined search criteria such as viewing all Figurative, Native American, Wildlife, and Contemporary pieces.

Custom Search Page

Our new search page allows you to organize art by several different criteria. You can view all original work on the site that meets certain variables such as size, price, subject matter and medium. This feature is currently not available for Prints.

Aside from the predefined search criteria, users can now use individual words to search for products. 

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