Lovetts Gallery has a wide range of services for your custom framing, conservation, preservation, restoration and custom display needs

Lovetts Gallery has a wide range of services for your custom framing, conservation, preservation, restoration and custom display needs Lovetts Gallery has a wide range of services available for our customers. If you are decorating a home or office, needing a custom frame or display stand, or simply looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of art for someone - we are always ready to help.

Please Note:
We do not offer appraisal services for artists we do not carry. If it is an artist we currently carry - we can offer appraisals on any piece by them.

Original Art Offerings

Evolving representation of many of the nations most talented artists, including painters and sculptors working in oil, acrylic, bronze, glass, wood, jewelry, etc.

View our 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, JewelersGuest Artists, and wide selection of Books and Prints

Frame Selection

Framing expertise since 1978 with over 9000 frame mouldings and an endless arrangement of mats and liners to choose from. A few people have experienced a dizzying effect by the extensive array of choices. For those overwhelming times, Master framer, Jack Summers will gladly and professionally guide you in your decisions. Or you just say, “Jack, do what’s best and call me when it’s ready”. It happens all the time!

Learn more about our custom framing services.


Lovetts offers framing that is comprehensive. Provisions include Original Works, Limited Editions, Canvas, Posters, Mirrors, Photos, Board, Diplomas, 3 Dimensional Objects, Memorabilia, Family Heirlooms, Artifacts, etc. These listed, are generalities of the unlimited specifics. The imagination is always encouraged at Lovetts!


Looking for the perfect piece but having trouble finding it? We can help you decide who the right artist is to produce the perfect addition to your collection. You can come in and sit with us or even use our online form for commission inquiries.

Layaway Options

At Lovetts Fine Art Gallery, we have excellent layaway terms as a service to our clients. We ask you to pay a reasonable amount down at the time of purchase based on the layaway program you select. From there you are expected to make monthly payments on the piece until it is paid in full.

Local Delivery

Local delivery service is available for a minimum fee of $120 to destinations within a 15-mile radius of our gallery in Tulsa, OK.. All deliveries must be scheduled ahead of time and deliveries do not include installation.

This option will be available during checkout based on your shipping address. If selected, the fee will not be charged during the checkout process. You will be billed separately once the delivery address has been verified to be within the 15 mile radius of the gallery and a delivery date has been agreed upon with you.

We offer this service to help our customers with large orders consisting of multiple pieces or individual pieces that are rather large and difficult to move. It is available for all items we sell including custom framing and custom artwork displays.

Annual National Exhibitions

We proudly host 3 major exhibitions a year in February, June, and October. We also host our annual open house in December. Check our upcoming exhibitions for more information.

Conservation & Preservation

At Lovetts, all measures and actions are aimed at safeguarding tangible art and artworks, while ensuring it’s accessibility to present and future generations. Conservation embraces preventive conservation, remedial conservation and restoration. All measures and actions should respect the significance and the physical properties of the item.

Processes include services such as deacidification, cleaning, repair, and art and frame restoration.

Learn more about our cleaning and restoration services.

The purpose of preservation is to protect from harm; to keep in a perfect or unaltered condition; to maintain unchanged. UV-Filtered Glasses and Acrylics, Archival Matting, Micro-Chamber Backboards, PH Neutral Adhesives, Spacers and Liners……..(and the list goes on to become quite technical) ….are the materials used to satisfy the goal of prevention of deterioration. Lovetts utilizes the highest quality in the application process and continually stays abreast of new developments and techniques in this industry.

Custom Displays

Custom Armature, Pedestals, Stands, Wood, Acrylic and Glass cases. Custom Designing allows for unique showcasing from the traditional to the contemporary with specialized fitting for objects such as Pottery, Bronzes, Sculpture, Medals, Memorabilia, Artifacts, Historicals and Collectibles. Whether inside a case or outside on a pedestal……on the wall or off the wall…..What you display….. is only limited by your imagination!

Learn more about our custom artwork displays.

High Volume

Decorating and enriching an entire office building or business or multiple homes? Lovetts can meet your fulfillment needs and do it within your timeline.

Art Registration Service

This is a unique service which provides the client with a centralized collection of relevant provenance for their work purchased from Lovetts Gallery.

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