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'I See You' by View All Pieces

The feature of sculpture interacting with the painting is a concept I am just beginning to implement. The frame represents a dimension of sorts which the figure, in this case a feline figure, is aware that someone or something is there. I wonder when cats stare seemingly into thin air if they can actually 'see' the who or what that is unseen to humans. The wonderment of the possibility of otherworldly beings interacting with us is a curious and fascinating concept to explore.

"I See You" is a beautiful greeting used by a Tribe in Africa meaning I see the soul who is 'You'. If we all saw each other as souls linked through space and time, I think we would like with more understanding and love for one another. Pets already seem to exist this way. They have an awareness of their owners and our emotional states. They 'see' us. Maybe that awareness allows them to see beyond the scope of what exists in front of humans senses. A beautiful lesson from your cat.

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