Candles and Flamethrowers Fine Art Exhibition
Artists As Luminaries
Art As Light

Lovetts Gallery glowingly presents this art exhibition as an illustration of artists as illuminators.

Artists are torchbearers. Their work can be as a candle or a flamethrower; from the softest pastels to the boldest of colors, from undefined edges to intricate details and from the fragileness of pottery, the luster of wood or the strength of bronze. Art whispers in your ear and it shouts from the rooftops. It's a sunrise and a sunset.

The flickering candle can cast shadows. The candle melts in its service and lights the darkness. The candle burns because of what’s lit in its interior and its flame is soft and quiet as it dances.

The flamethrower is tactical with its controllable jet of fire. An emboldened stream of light stretching its fingers, it is a spitfire of fearlessness as it leaps, lunges and ignites.

Both of these luminaries represent the elements of energy. Energy, which is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical and mental activity (Ability to do work). It's created and transferred as the substance of change and movement.

This radiance, energy and passion in art is created from skill and imagination...creativity in a solid form.

When shared with gives light to all.

The artist has an affection to render the internal and external characteristics of our humanity and planet with all its warts and glory. Artists and their works of art reveal how different we all are and yet how more alike we can be.

Please brighten Lovetts Gallery with your presence on October 23 for the Candles and Flamethrowers Fine Art Exhibition.

Are you a candle or a flamethrower?
Maybe a portion of both?


*Luminosity: the radiant power emitted by a light-emitting object.

Coming October 23rd 2021

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